How would you describe your personal style?

“My character in
Sex and The City has great style, but I don’t know about my style. I’m much more relaxed than Big. I think Chris Noth is more casual—I’ll find a pair of jeans [by a brand] like Diesel, and I’ll wear them until they wear out.”

Would you steal anything from Big’s closet?

“I’m lucky that I get to keep some of my clothes from
Sex and the City—usually suits and some casual stuff.”

Do you have a go-to fashion label?

Law and Order we wore a lot of Brooks Brothers, and I took a couple of those. I actually love white Brooks Brothers’ shirts—I love a white crisp shirt with jeans. For business meetings, I have a lot of Hugo Boss suits. I was just in Los Angeles for the Oscars and I wore a Jon Varvatos tux—it made me look the best I’ve ever looked.”

You have great hair—who cuts it?

“I usually get [my hair] cut right on set. I don’t have any special place where I get it trimmed. I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to shave my head so I don’t have to worry about it. But I’m not able to because of the work I do.”

Favourite scent?

“I’m not really into colognes.”

Why did you close your bar in New York City?

“We plan to reopen–we’re just looking for a space. The Cutting Room was open for 10 years, but we had a despicable landlord who was ripping us off and we had to leave. That’s why a lot of places like The Cutting Room are gone. They raise the rent and then only a bank or Duane Reed [drugstore] can afford it. New York has become a city of Duane Reeds and banks. Its totally lost its soul.”

Ok, so what do you still love about
New York City

“I love the theatre. I have certain restaurants I like to go to with my friends like Da Marino. It’s an Italian restaurant—it’s very old school New York. I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles now [because] I have a house there.”

Where do you like to hang out in Los Angeles?

“I go to a cigar place across from The Viper room—it’s one of my favourite haunts.”

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So you like cigars. What do you like to drink?

“A Maker’s Mark Manhattan straight up, ice cold with a dark cherry. That’s a tie with an ice cold Stoli [vodka] with a twist, or three olives.”

Reading anything interesting right now?

“I’m big on biographies. And, I just finished Happiness—the author did a year-long trek to find out about what happiness is and isn’t. It’s fascinating. I bought [a copy] for my mom.”

Do you have a favourite vacation spot?

“I usually go somewhere to work and then stay an extra week or so.”

Fitness important to you. How often do you workout?

“I try to move in some way every day. There are a variety of sports I love. I love to ski but I can’t always get to the mountain. Central Park is the best place in the world to run. I’ve got a group of guys and we play a rather violent game of basketball. Yoga is hard for me but I try to get there. I have a trainer in Los Angeles and New York who are buddies of mine—I get bored of weights but if I have a trainer I can get through it.”

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