What do you get a globe dominating, industry ruling powerhouse for her 34th birthday? Well, if you’re Beyonce’s family, you celebrate Bey Day on September 4th by reaching not into your wallet, but your heart.

Over on her website, the Queen Bey celebrated her birthday with a tribute from her family (because she can, don’t question anything she does). This is an especially big birthday for Bey because it contains a 4, a big thing when you’re into numerology and 4 is your number. 

To celebrate, her family shared the songs “that narrarate their most cherished moments with her”. A sampling:

From Mother Knowles:  “Home” by Stephanie Mills (because she remembers Bey rocking out to it as a 9 year old). 

From her dad: “Here I Go Again” by Smokey Robinson (apparently he sang this ditty to her in the womb)

From Kelly Rowland: “What’s the 411” by Mary J Blige (an essential track to a the first time Kelly had a slumber party at the Knowles house).

From Blue Ivy: “A Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid (our hearts!).


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