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There’s something of a tradition in the Knowles family: When one gets married, it’s not enough for just the bride to wear white. Oh no, darling: ALL attendees should arrive on the big day in a fabulous ensemble of dazzling colourlessness.
Beyonce’s mom, Tina, just got married, and she took a sartorial leaf from her daughter Solange’s book with an all-white dress code. A
just released snap of the day shows Mama Knowles flanked her bridal party, which included her two daughters (I hear they sing?) and her daughters’ BFF (Kelly somebody). As you’ll recall, Solange had did the all-white thing herself for her recent New Orleans nuptials, which brings us to the most interesting thing in this picture: Is that a bell in her hand?! Also: Beyonce says flower crowns are still a thing.
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