This week’s episode of The Bachelor opens with lovable bach Ben Higgins doing a stint for Tourism Jamaica. There’s nice people, lush jungle, crystal clear water and ….. it’s the PERFECT PLACE TO FALL IN LOVE.

But before love and marriage (or at least a short-lived engagement), comes what we’ve dubbed The Seven Stages of Bachelor Feels.

1. Anxiety
Bubbly Caila is unusually quiet on her river cruise with Ben. Is she scared of the water? Hate the sun? Nope! It’s because she’s just now realized she is dating a guy who is hooking up with other women. “There are two other women here and it’s bothering me.” Luckily, she manages to get over it by dinner when she tells him that she loves him – and they have a sleepover while fireworks explode obviously in the distance.

2. Denial
The next a.m. “Do you always wake up like this?” asks Ben. Of course, says Caila. COUGH COUGH.

Now, it’s Lauren’s date. Let’s pause a moment because BABY SEA TURTLES!!!!! Playing in the sand!

3. Denial part 2
“I hope my relationship with Ben lasts as long [as the turtles live, which is 100 years],” says Lauren.

4. Insecurity
“You’re too good for me,” says Ben. But wait, Lauren feels the same way. #futurecouplestherapy

5. Reserve
Lauren admits she’s been holding back about her feelings for Ben. A case in point, on their dinner date, she tells him everything but I LOVE YOU. “I’m invested. I can see a life with you. I feel good about us. You are the man of my dreams. You’re the only reason why I was there. Seeing you with my family. I can envision that.” About five minutes – an eternity in Bachelor time – she finally says it.

Pause part 2: Ben says, “I love you too.” Isn’t that against the rules? Can someone weigh in please? Next, up JoJo’s date.

6. Fear
“The thought of losing Ben is terrifying,” says JoJo, who admits she’s in love with Ben. Then comes the BIG twist: HE SAYS I LOVE YOU BACK. So confused. Ben is breaking all the unwritten Bachelor rules. But JoJo loves it. “Every fear that I had today is gone.”

7. Heartbreak
Caila – no doubt egged on by the producers – decides to surprise Ben at his house. Where he politely – but promptly – dispatches her. Kudos to her for asking him to share his feelings before heading off for a teary car ride.

And there’s more where that comes from if the previews from the finale are any indication.

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