While everyone with a pulse, even a thready one, already knows that
The Hunger Games is like THE cultural event of, well, March at least,
the film’s early success was proven beyond a doubt by midnight last night, when
The Hunger Games grossed the highest ever box office total for a non-sequel (meaning it beat everything but those pesky Potter and Twihard flicks). First off, I couldn’t be happier that we’re finally lining up (and taking the day off, while wearing a specially made T-shirt in the case of my friend Steve) to see a blockbuster with an ass-kicking leading lady, instead of a sad sack wimp (you know who you are, Bella). Katniss Everdeen is not a
oh-please-save-me-shirtless-guy character. She shoots a crossbow and is a lot less pouty about her own love triangle. Already a winning combination! But what do I really want to talk about? The fashion, obviously. Both on and off screen—because the film’s tag line “the world will be watching” has never been truer for leading lady Jennifer Lawrence.

The off-screen highlight At the screening sponsored this week by
Calvin Klein, Lawrence showed she’s more than able to handle the spotlight. Her emerald Calvin Klein Collection dress was flawless, but Lawrence herself stole the spotlight (with a supporting role given to her boobs).