finalmorningmustreadPippa Middleton has finally opened up about her perfectly figure-hugging Alexander McQueen bridesmaid gown that aired around the world as she trailed her big sis up the steps of Westminster Abbey: "It fitted a little too well," she said. (Editor’s note: There’s no such thing.)
[] Watch the smokin’ cabaret-style video for "Partition," the latest single off of Beyoncé’s self-titled album. Right here.
[] The full list of presenters at this Sunday’s Oscars has been announced: expect appearances from Angie and Brad, Bradley Cooper and Pharrell singing his Oscar-nominated track "Happy", which is coincidentally exactly how we feel about seeing him again this awards season.
[ELLE UK] More in Pharrell: Couldn’t get your hands on

his Vivienne Westwood hat? Fret not, friends! Gareth Pugh showcased a winter white mountie hat reminiscent of the showstopping headgear Pharell wore to the Grammys at his Fall 2014 runway show in Paris.
[Fashionista] Your morning pick-me-up: These three dudes dancing to the Spice Girls (in spike heels, no less) is just so amazing.