1. Hayden Christensen

This hottie from Vancouver first won hearts as a young, dashing Anakin Skywalker in
Star Wars. Since then, he’s starred as a geeky (but still cute), deceitful journalist in
Shattered Glass and a sexy Bob Dylan-alike musician in the movie
Factory Girl (including a steamy sex scene with Sienna Miller). He’s been spotted around town with former
OC star Rachel Bilson, but by all accounts this hot Canadian bachelor is still up for grabs.

2. Ryan Gosling
You saw him –- or more like drooled over him — in The Notebook, and you were totally jealous when he hooked up with hometown sweetheart Rachel McAdams. Are they on again? Off again? Who knows. What we do know is Ryan Gosling was born in 1980 in London, Ontario and is set to take a turn in the much-awaited film based on the novel, The Lovely Bones in 2008.

3. Ryan Reynolds
Is it the sexy biceps, the sweet-yet-hilarious personality or model good looks that we love best about Ryan Reynolds? Tough call, but we’ll take ’em all. Uproariously funny in his big break as a lifetime university student in the 2002 film Van Wilder, the Vancouver cutie seemed like the nicest of fiancés when he was with Ottawa’s Alanis Morrisette. Their engagement ended recently, and lately he’s been seen squiring sexiness incarnate, Scarlett Johansson.

4. Kiefer Sutherland
Born in London, England to Canadian actor parents Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, Kiefer heats things up as take-charge Jack Bauer on the infamous TV show 24. The handsome blond actor grew up in Los Angeles and Toronto (and apparently attended such schools as St. Andrew’s College, Martingrove Collegiate Institute, Harbord Collegiate Institute and Malvern Collegiate Institute). Back in 1991 he was engaged to Julia Roberts, who jilted him just days before their wedding. He’s been married twice before, but he’s single and on the market again. (And it looks like he might stay that way, since he will be imprisoned for his recent DUI charges, that is).

5. Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves keeps it really quiet when it comes to his love life, making him all the more mysterious. Whether he’s an action hero in films like Speed or The Matrix trilogy or the soulful leading man in The Lakehouse, his gorgeous Irish-, Chinese-, Portuguese-and-Hawaiian looks never fail to give us the quivers. Born in Lebanon and raised in Toronto, Keanu is the ultimate low-key bachelor celeb.

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6. Gabriel Aubry
All of a sudden, chiseled Montreal supermodel Gabriel Aubry is big news — inside every U.S. tabloid on the supermarket shelves. Why? His girlfriend, the beautiful Halle Berry is expecting their child. That said, he’s not exactly married either (after all, the definition of "bachelor" is a man who’s never been married), and a girl can dream, can’t she? You’ve seen Gabriel Aubrey’s sexy bod in ads for Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Calvin Klein.

7. Seth Rogen
One of the cutest, most lovable Canadian men to take centre stage these days has got to be Seth Rogen. So adorable as a slacker daddy-to-be in Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen made us fall in love with his gravelly voice and laid-back humour. This Vancouver native was also in the 40-year-old Virgin, and also co-wrote and starred in Superbad, a breakout comedy hit of summer 2007. There’s no denying it: smart is sexy.

8. Gilson Lubin
In between getting your fixes of The Hills and My Super Sweet 16 and other trashy but oh-so addictive fare on MTV Canada( mtv.ca), admit it, you watch the channel just as much to see St. Lucia-born sweetie Gilson Lubin light up the screen. When not at the MTV studio, The Toronto-raised award-winning stand-up comic is on the road performing his comedy routines.

9. Devon Soltendieck
Head over to Canada’s other music TV station, Muchmusic, and you’ll find shaggy-haired Devon Soltendieck hosting the Live@Much shows where he’s interviewed the Olson twins, Hilary Duff and Orlando Bloom to name just a few celebs. Back in 2004, this golden boy from Montreal beat out thousands of other entrants in a Muchmusic VJ search.

10. George Stroumbolopolous
The tattoos and the motorcycle give The Hour host the bad-boy cred, but underneath it all, Strombo is the real deal: smart, sensitive and sexy. His newsy general interest prime-time show on CBC draws us in with famous guests and of course, the promise of seeing George himself. (Even U2’s Bono said to him, "George, I’m a fan"). The Malton, Ont.- born hottie lives in Toronto.

Helen Racanelli is the editor of CanadianLiving.com.

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