The secret to wearing colour on your eyes

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This pretty aquamarine shadow at Badgley Mischka is stunning, no? So fresh, so spring. I want to wear it. I want to
own it. I so want this to be me this summer. But my first thought on
wearing a bright or bold eyeshadow hue is "I’m likely going to look like a clown." Enter sad, pouty face emoji. Then I met Jenny Smith, Lead Makeup Stylist for
NARS yesterday who filled me in on the secret to pulling this look off. And it’s not as hard as you think.
"Did you ever sweep a bright
shadow on your lids and then think, it doesn’t look done, or polished?" asked Smith. "That’s because it’s not. You need to add a rim of black liner around your eyes and definitely mascara. Then you’ll polished and finished — and not like you’re playing dress up." Her other major tip for colour? Start sheer and build — not rocket science, but a good friendly beauty reminder. You can keep the rest of your face super clean (
flawless skin will be key).
So who’s willing to try a bold, bright shadow this summer with me?
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