Bronzer tip: “Always test and swatch two colours of the desired tanned shade on the face, preferably on the cheek—never on the back of the hand.” says Uzo, lead makeup stylist for NARS International. “Usually it is best to pick a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone and then add additional warmth by using a powder bronzer. The right shade will ‘disappear’ into the skin.”

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Bronzer tip: “Don’t only bronze your face always do your neck and blend well,” says makeup artist Greg Wencel. “Also make sure to bronze your hairline for a more natural look.”

Bronzer tip:
“Wear sunscreen even if your bronzer includes an SPF,” advises Sara Whittaker National Education Director, Clinique. “While the SPF in your bronzer is great for added protection, you should still be applying a daily dose of sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 before applying your makeup. Since you only apply bronzer to certain areas of your face, you won’t have adequate protection if you rely solely on the SPF in your bronzer.”

Bronzer tip: “A cream bronzer—like Soleil Tan de Chanel whipped bronzer— I really like it for contouring,” says Nico Guilis, a celebrity makeup artist with Starworks Artists. “The finish is going to hold all day and wear nicely into your skin.”

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Bronzer tip:
“A lot of women take the bronzer and then just do a windshield wiper all across the face. Don’t do that!” explains Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist Rebecca Restrepo. Instead, go very, very light with the product and add touches of colour just where the sun would naturally hit your face. “The first place you want to do it is along the temples and the cheeks in a C formation. And then do a little bit along the neck. A lot of women forget to do the neck, so it’s really bronzy on the face and white, white neck!”