If eyes are the window into the soul, they sometimes need a little extra—shall we say, dressing?—to make your personality stand out. And the display of graphic and colourful eye liner trends that accentuated the Spring/Summer 2013 runways were anything but shy. We chatted with GianLuca Orienti, a celebrity makeup artist based in Toronto, about the runway-inspired eye liner trends that caught his eye this season, and how to get a more toned-down take of each look.

Summer 2013 eye liner trends: The sleek outline
The inspiration:
Where most trends that are equally bold and beautiful have started: Madonna. But this striking yet classic black outline of both the top lid and bottom lash line dates back to Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s, and even further to Greta Garbo in the ‘30s.
Seen at: Lanvin, BCBG Max Azria, Chanel (Spring/Summer 2013 runways)
Get the look: “To get a fully outlined look, you’ll need to use a gel liner,” says Orienti, who prefers both the Chanel and CoverGirl varieties for summer, especially along the lower lash line. If you’re using a regular eye liner pencil, brush Kryolan Cake Eye Liner Sealer overtop the lid to prevent liner from running.


Summer 2013 eye liner trends: The cat eye
The inspiration:
Worn by the glamourous Hollywood greats of the ‘50s—Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn—the cat eye look was popularized by Italian film legends Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, to amplify their straightforward sexiness and of course, feline features.
Seen at: Thierry Mugler, Miu Miu, Jean Paul Gaultier (Spring/Summer 2013 runways)
Get the look: Use a gel eye liner to trace along the lash line—the wing can extend out subtly or linger dramatically. For a non-committal take on the trend, slip on a pair of cat-shaped sunglasses. “They’re wonderful and can be worn by anyone,” says Orienti. To keep this look classy, not costume-y, combine with a neutral colour palette on the rest of the face. Or pair this vintage look with a fuchsia highlight peeking out of a loosely swept bouffant, inspired by Oscar de la Renta’s Summer 2013 runway.

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Summer 2013 eye liner trends: The new smokey eye
The inspiration:
This softly smudged look is reminiscent of ‘60s supermodel Twiggy’s trademark downward averted gaze. “This is very sensual for a woman,” says Orienti.

Seen at: Marc Jacobs, Versace, Gucci (Spring/Summer 2013 runways)

Get the look: The beauty of the smokey eye is keeping a monochromatic tone with eye shadow, liner and
mascara—with each one blending into the other. Waterproof liner is essential to creating that dramatic outline, and making it last. Be sure to apply an eye shadow primer, such as Nars Smudge Proof, first to help shadow stick to the lid.

Summer 2013 eye liner trends: The colourful outline
The inspiration:
As with many eye-catching trends, let’s start with the most extreme. “This season at Fendi, there were three separate colours worn under the bottom lash,” says Orienti about the bold rainbow effect of over-the-top eye liner. “But it’s hard for a woman to recreate this eye liner look in her daily appearance.”

Seen at: Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Fendi (Spring/Summer 2013 runways)

Get the look: For a more toned down
pop of colour, swipe a turquoise liner along the lower lash line (as inspired by Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway look). “It’s very adaptable,” says Orienti, as it’s blue-yellow undertones amplify light eyes, and create a complementary contrast with brown eyes. “Turquoise looks wonderful in the context of tanned skin,” he adds—but avoid if skin is pale, unless eyes are blue.

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Summer 2013 eye liner trends: The graphic look
The inspiration:
A very mod revival: “Marc Jacobs’ show was
all about the ‘60s,” says Orienti about the comeback of beehive ponytails and sharp, graphic brows. “We needed that geographic feeling again.”

Seen at: Versace, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs (Spring/Summer 2013 runways)

Get the look: “To pull off this look for everyday life, pick one element of this theme,” says Orienti. “Otherwise it will look completely vintage.” (And even that can only work in certain contexts.) Try a bold black line, starting at the crease and drawing downward, and smudge in black eye shadow underneath the eye. “Add a highlighter to cheek bones to draw attention to the eyes.” Not that they’ll be able to look away.

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