Photo by Isade – Pierre Belhassen

While we all bask in temperatures that are cruising several degrees above zero (it’s positively balmy!), I think it’s time to consider a statement spring beauty look. Every year when the weather warms up, we all start thinking about lightening up our makeup and hair. By all means, go
get those highlights redone, but think twice before you toss your dark lipsticks and shadows into a dark corner of your
makeup bag. Much like fashion has become "seasonless", with lace shown on catwalks in the winter and leather hitting spring shows, makeup is losing it’s traditional seasonal cues. Just take a gander at this stunning YSL Spring/Summer 2012, created by Pat McGrath. Forget about a flesh toned lip gloss and a swipe of brown mascara. Subtle
spring makeup is no more. I love that YSL ignored the "eyes or lips, not both" rule we’ve been taught since the beginning of time. That
cherry red lip actually has a little gold powder applied to the centre of the mouth for extra drama. It’s opulent, dramatic and sexy — and it’s what to wear when you’re out for cocktails, toasting the start of the new season.