On the Kora Organics formula

“The first thing I said to the organic-cosmetics chemist I work with was that I wanted my products to be reliable and make skin radiant in addition to being safe. That was in 2006. After three years of R&D, we launched the brand. Since the beginning, we’ve always highlighted the power of aromatherapy with essential oils that can calm or invigorate [compared to] using synthetic fragrances. All the products are also infused with rose quartz and have a positive emotion (like ‘happiness,’ ‘love’ or ‘joy’) printed on the back, which fills them with a protective and benevolent energy that you can feel. I love researching new, innovative ingredients that push the limits of certified-organic skincare.”

On creating new products

“As soon as I have an idea for a new product, I talk about it with my team and my chemist to hear what they think. We all work together to perfect the concept and push the product’s performance while always respecting the incredibly strict criteria for our organic certification. With our Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, I wanted to create a super-rich and luxurious face cream that doubles as a luminizer. Its licorice root and turmeric extract target dark spots and fine lines and bathe your skin in an incredible radiance. Plus, its gorgeous glass case, which looks like crystal, is refillable!”

On her approach to well-being

“My motto is ‘Health is wealth.’ Well-being [requires] a 360-degree approach where you take care of your body from head to soul. It’s about not just what we eat or put on our skin but the thoughts we have, the people we surround ourselves with, what we read, what we watch…. I sincerely believe that we have power over how we think and act and that we can transform our own reality.”

On her beauty routine

“In the morning, before hopping into the shower, I dry-brush my body; I’ve been doing that for 20 years. It energizes me and works miracles for lymphatic drainage. Once I’m standing under the water, I wash my face with Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil, and every other day I exfoliate with my famous Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask. I always finish my shower with one or two minutes of cold water—it’s amazing for your body and hair, and it’s better than coffee for waking up! Once I’m out of the shower, I apply Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum—noni is an Australian fruit that’s packed with vitamin C—before applying Noni Radiant Eye Oil. I finish with Turmeric Glow Moisturizer and Noni Glow Face Oil, which I either mix together or layer on top of each other. I also massage my face with a gua sha to reduce buildup. At night, my beauty ritual is pretty much the same, but I swap the vitamin C serum for Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum, and I always keep the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask for the last step of my routine.”

On her everyday makeup

“I love the “Un” Cover-up Concealer from RMS Beauty; I’ve been using it since 2002. I mix it into a few drops of face oil and then brush a thin layer over my entire face. It gently evens out the complexion while hydrating. Then I use Kora Organics Crystal Luminizer, which works like magic, on my browbones, cheekbones and collarbones before applying a little cream blush from Merit on my cheeks. For my lips, I love Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm in Pulse. To finish, I line my eyebrows with Benefit Gimme Brow gel, and then I add a layer of Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Pot Eyeshadow in Walk of No Shame and a few coats of RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara.”

On what she’s reading right now

“I just started The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation, which my friend Anna Malaika Tubbs wrote, and Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything by BJ Fogg. I like reading two books, from different genres, at the same time.”

On the importance of staying balanced

“I’m constantly juggling my roles as a mother of three boys and an entrepreneur. Some days are more difficult than others, but I have tools that help, like essential oils, crystals and positive affirmations. I also try to teach my children and my team that it’s important to be flexible, like a willow tree. Because in a storm, a willow sways with the wind—it doesn’t fight against it, and it doesn’t break.

Miranda Kerr's Everyday Essentials

Kora Organics Milky Mushroom

Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil, Kora Organics

Price: $49


Kora Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, Kora Organics

Price: from $52


Merit Flush Balm Cream Blush

Flush Balm Cream Blush in Beverly Hills, Merit

Price: $36