The best part about interviewing and hanging out with
beauty pros at fashion week? You pick up a ton of beauty tips and tricks. Getting so gorgeous you look runway worthy is a snap with this insider information.

To experiment with different hairstyles

Make sure you’re using the right hairspray if you’re playing around with different
hairstyles–you don’t want anything too sticky and stiff. Eric del Monaco, official hair artist and colourist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada, loves using Elnet backstage because you can use it while still working on a hairstyle, you can brush it out and start over if need be, and yet it’s it offers strong hold for your finished look.

To get matte lips with a highlight effect

Use a shimmery eyeshadow on your lips, says Eddie Malter, official makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris. First, brush on some lipstick, then dab on a shadow to the centre of your pout, such as the coppery shade of L’Oréal Paris HIP High Intensity Pigmens Bright Shadow Duo 404 Flare.

To get simple, groomed brows

Spritz some Elnet hairspray on a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush and brush brows upward. "You know it’s safe to use on your brows because the product’s designed for hair," says Eddie.

To give your face a flawless, natural finish

Next time you’re stateside, pick up L’Oréal Paris Translucide Naturally Luminous Loose Powder. It gives an incredible natural radiant finish, one that Eddie adores—however Translucide is not sold in Canada nor Europe, a fact that Eddie very much does not adore.

To control that cowlick

When you want a sleek, straight look with a precise part, you need to deal with any cowlicks you have before styling your hair. Use your dryer on a high setting to blow dry it out before you start flat ironing your hair.

To intensify your eye makeup

Start with a cream shadow, such as Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast, and use a regular eye shadow in a similar shade over top, says Amélie Ducharme, Cover Girl makeup pro. This will make your eye makeup last longer as well. Another trick for long-lasting eye makeup? Eddie suggests brushing foundation onto your eyelids when applying your base.

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To see if you can rock a shorter haircut

If you’re not sure if you want to cut your hair off, style your hair into a faux bob to get an idea of whether the length will work on you, says Eric.

To get radiant skin

Even if you’re not in your 40s, you may want to consider trying a foundation made for the mature market. Eddie used L’Oréal Visible Lift on all the fresh faced pretty young things because he loves the gorgeous way it reflects light.

To highlight your face

L’Oréal Paris Wear Infinite in Morning Light is a must–yes, it’s an eyeshadow but it works magic as a highlighter. Sweep some onto your forehead, cheekbones, chin and bridge of your nose for an ethereal subtle shimmer. For a dewier look, Amélie suggests applying a bit of a clear gloss such as Cover Girl Shine Blast Lip Gloss onto the apples of your cheeks.

To apply false lashes easily

Place a mirror on a table, sit down and look down at the mirror. Your gaze downwards will make it easier to apply the falsies to your lash line and sitting down will help relax and steady your hands.

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