Manish-Arora-Nails-PFW-webThe golden nail weapons at Manish Arora. Image top right,

I spotted the perfect nails to match
Kim Kardashian’s new blond lid backstage at Manish Arora. These golden talons are the work of nail queen, Marian Newman. What’s the story behind then?
Her on the fly description: “We’ve got a bit of medieval pop with some Burning Man influence, plus a bit of cartoon as well— because it’s “Manish”
Her spin for this season: “It’s a bit more sophisticated with the nails than last season, which was about being bigger and brighter and bolder. This is a little bit more considered because the Manish woman is a little bit more grownup so she needs very beautiful and elegant nails.”
The details: “Each nail is painted with “Screaming Bright” from M.A.C and on top of each nail there are gold metallic shapes. Each finger has a different shape applied. It’s like she’s a warrior and this is her shiny armour—especially the thumb. There’s this pointed shape because it’s her most powerful weapon. This is what you see when they walk the catwalk. On the forefinger there’s a straight line up the center; on the ring finger there’s a little filigree to match some of the trousers with gems on the little finger there’s a line on the outer edge.”
What beauty look did the wildly talented Kabuki dream up?