If there’s one thing we love about beauty, it’s that everyone always has amazing application tips and tricks to share. And since it’s the
festive season and we’ll definitely all be pulling out our
best mascara for coats of thick, lush lashes, we decided to hit our
Facebook fans up for some of their best tips and biggest don’ts. So get your wands ready for the perfect fluttering of lashes this
holiday season! By the way, I adore the above image of the dramatic falsies at Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2012 collection. Aren’t they just divine?
What are your biggest mascara dos and don’ts?
Dana Zickar Lajeunesse Do wiggle that brush right into your lash roots, and don’t forget to get the finer hairs on your inner corner (or your eye).
Katelyn Blakeney Waterproof. Always.
Deborah Howard Patrick DO take a cotton swab and dab any smudges off underneath the lower lashes when you’re done…and DON’T put so many coats on that it looks like tar has been applied.
Amanda Popko Primer helps so much! Waterproof is such a pain to get off and you can damage your sensitive eye area trying to take it off — save it for special occasions only. 😉