Canadian beauty blog: Beautygeeks

The blogger: Janine Falcon, editor turned beauty geek, plus contributors Liza Herz and the anonymous award-season red-carpet commentary from Cranky Beauty Pants.

Our beauty go-to:
Playful reviews of the latest, greatest—and sometimes, both!—beauty products, offbeat trends, plus how-to makeup tips and red carpet interviews.

Why we keep coming back:
The self-professed beauty geeks serve up a comprehensive expert guide to the multiple ways of achieving a smoky eye, plus the importance of—all together now—accepting the inevitable compliments that ensue.

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Canadian beauty blog: Beauty Editor

The blogger: Michelle Villett, former ELLE Canada beauty and health editor.

Our beauty go-to:
For tried and true fixes for those awkward beauty issues (grey/thinning hair) and how to wear runway looks in real life. A special nod to the celeb makeup blunders she highlights that make us feel good about creating a personalized and discerning beauty routine.

Why we keep coming back:
Hair consultations by the pros, how-tos on getting the latest runway looks and a comprehensive review section of our all-time favourite products, plus the ones we haven’t tried— yet.

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Canadian beauty blog: Beauty Crazed

The blogger: Christelle and Lisamarie, Canadian beauty junkies.

Our beauty go-to:
For critical breakdowns of the newest beauty products, fragrances and skin care lines to try, plus how to best use them.

Why we keep coming back:
Like that straightforward girlfriend from whom we’re eternally grateful to receive no-holds-barred honesty, this beauty blogger duo is our go-to for straight-up feedback on what to add to our makeup bags.

Canadian beauty blog: Daly Beauty

The blogger: Jane Daly, beauty writer.

Our beauty go-to:
For depth and storytelling wrapped up in beauty coverage, plus plenty of beautiful images to illustrate both the latest must-try and timeless products (see: “That’s right. I’m washing my face with Dove soap” post).

Why we keep coming back:
A thoughtful and colourful approach to the evolution of storied beauty products, runway trend breakdowns and her secret beauty cocktail to get dewy skin.


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Canadian beauty blog: Beautezine

The blogger: Jessica Desjardins, blogazine editor.

Our beauty go-to: For features on hair fixes, new scents to try, get-the-look tutorial videos and sneak peeks at upcoming product launches.

Why we keep coming back:
The online magazine-cum-your BFF’s beauty advice organizes always-inspiring lookbooks of the hottest collections each season, as tested on the beauty editor herself.

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Canadian beauty blog: Shop Pretty

The blogger: Andrea Victory-LaCasse, green beauty writer and former owner of the Toronto shop, Pretty Beauty & Books.

Our beauty go-to: For eco-friendly beauty fixes—all available in Canada—from vegan cosmetics to your natural summer sunscreen, and the newest shops and online hubs to find them.

Why we keep coming back:
Because this reigning Toronto green beauty queen provides ingredients lists, the latest beauty tips each season, and charming personal anecdotes on the scents and all-natural products that make it into her minimalist beauty routine.

Canadian beauty blog: Lipstick Powder n Paint

The blogger:
Lesley Ellen Mirza, one of the earliest online Canadian beauty connoisseurs.

Our beauty go-to: Since 2006, Lipstick Powder n Paint has been the must-know site for recreating runway and celeb-inspired looks, fitness trends (ahem, brides!) and bath, body and hair care product reviews.

Why we keep coming back:
For a roundup of the latest makeup collections, fabulous hair inspiration, and fearlessly subjecting herself to undergo different looks so that we can learn how to.

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Canadian beauty blog: Glitter Geek

The blogger: Arianne de Guzman, the always-sparkling founder.

Our beauty go-to: For step-by-step photo tutorials (from emerald eyeliner to the hot red lip) straight from the makeup artist herself, collection previews and luxe hair care tips and tools.

Why we keep coming back:
See above, but delivered in a friendly, casual banter that inspires us to add a little more glitter into our lives.

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