Just because life is full of bumps and blemishes doesn’t mean your skin has to mirror it. We’ve rounded up the best all-encompassing anti-cellulite treatments to smooth over dimpling skin and get swimwear-ready this summer.

Anti-cellulite treatment: The at-home bargain

Nip Fab Cellulite Fix ($19.95), available at Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada.

For pre-bikini prep, this body-sculpting gel instantly absorbs into skin to stimulate lipolytic activity—the breakdown of fatty cells—while building a barrier against future fat deposits. Using CellActive-Shape, a formulated complex of Indian forskolin, caffeine and the essential cell boost-factor, this three-pronged attack breaks down fat, stimulates the body’s natural waste-removal system and promptly improves tissue firmness. Apply on freshly bathed skin, focusing on arms and legs, in upward strokes twice daily to help with that firm, beach-ready bod.

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Anti-cellulite treatment: The summer skin splurge

La Prairie Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 30 ($182), available at Holt Renfrew.

The perfect summer skin care companion, La Prairie’s Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 30 contains the luxe skin care brand’s auto defense complex (ADC-DG), a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and natural fruit and plant extracts to smooth out skin while protecting against harmful sun rays come the first long weekend. This silky, amino acid-enriched cream contains liposome technology to stimulate collagen production, tone and minimize wrinkles in the skin, as well as hibiscus, camellia, and pear extracts to protect against sunburns. Along with a D&G leopard-print halterneck swimsuit, it’s your best beautifying tool this season.


For more anti-cellulite skin care treatments for your summer beauty prep, read on…

cellulite-canvas.jpgAnti-cellulite treatment: The spa indulgence

Cellulite Reduction Steam Bed Body Therapy, 75 minutes ($118), Novo Spa, 66 Avenue Road, 416-926-9303, novospa.ca.

Yorkville’s Novo Spa is the first to bring Steam Bed Body Therapy—think home-baked, enveloping cocoon-like goodness—to Canada. The 75-minute treatment is a calming, indulgent aromatherapy session broken into three-parts of euphoric body care. Bask under the bliss-inducing effects of the colour therapy lights in the spa cabin designed for this treatment, which uses specific colour vibrations to restore balance along the spinal chakra system. Next the exfoliating scrub made with seaweed complex works to reduce cellulite by breaking down fat deposits. The body is then wrapped in warmed mud before wooden arches are attached to the bed and covered with a plastic sheet, creating a steamy cocoon as heat rises from outlets along the frame (say yes to the optional breast mask beforehand, too). Experience a foot and head massage while your body bakes in steam, before capping off the treatment with an aromatherapy massage using hot stones along the spine. The calming, cellulite-reducing effects lasts four to five hours post-treatment—long after reality has encroached on your blissful buzz.


Anti-cellulite treatment: The high-tech rescue

Venus Freeze treatment, Skin Vitality Medical Clinics, prices vary, five locations throughout the GTA, 1-877-356-7776, skinvitality.ca.

Since the non-surgical slimming procedure was first introduced to Canada last year, Toronto-based Skin Vitality Medical Clinics have offered the cellulite-reducing Venus Freeze treatment. This whole-body skin-tightening treatment uses MP² technology, a device that delivers multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulsed fields to the skin to stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin while facilitating the production of FGF-2 (a growth hormone), which improves blood circulation and overall skin smoothness, says Amanda Hamilton, Venus Freeze director at Skin Vitality Medical Clinics. Treatments are typically once every six to seven days, in 10-60 minute sessions, with tighter, plumper skin typically seen after four sessions (though optimal results take between 8 to 10). The treatment is safe for all skin types and has a reportedly similar feeling to a hot stone massage, says Hamilton. Sign us up.

Anti-cellulite treatment: The surgery-free tummy tuck

Rodial Tummy Tuck ($110), available at The Bay and Murale stores across Canada.

Before confidently splashing around in that Versace two-piece this summer—or simply strutting on the sand, since, you know, it’s Versace—make this surgery-free skin care gel part of your summer-prep routine: Simply massage the gel over abdominal area in circular motions until the product is absorbed. Using fig extract to break down fatty cells and and neuropeptides to boost cell metabolism, Rodial Tummy Tuck helps with achieving that bikini-ready figure by reducing the abdominal area by up to two centimetres in just two months—which incidently brings us to cottage season.

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