It has come to my attention that both Sir John (makeup artist to Beyoncé) and Hung Vanngo (makeup artist to Selena Gomez) use the same hack to achieve perfect lipstick application. 

Recently, when in Toronto with Marc Jacobs Beauty, Vanngo asked model Hannah Donker to “pop” her lips together, rather than rub them together, to blend her lipstick.  

“I don’t like when you smush them together, you get this line here,” explains Vanngo, pointing to the Cupid’s Bow. “Doing the ‘pop-pop’ blends the lipstick together, [without getting the line.]” (See the move in action below.)

Sir John told us he uses the same smacking motion to achieve his signature “PB & J” (as in, yes, peanut butter and jelly) ombré-looking lip. 

Beauty lesson learned. 


Hannah wears Marc Jacobs Beauty Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner in Oh Coco ($30, at and New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick in Hey Stranger ($38, at on her lips. On her eyes, she wears eyeshadow from the Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Frivoluxe ($64, at