Fashion and beauty model Maye Musk, 69, has joined the CoverGirl squad. The silver-haired Canadian beauty — who is also a registered dietitian — is joining the ranks of fellow brand ambassadors Insecure actress Issa Rae, singer Janelle Monáe and CoverBoy James Charles. The iconic beauty brand says this move continues to “shake up their roster.”

“With wearing makeup a part of my job as a model, one might think I’d get tired of it, but I absolutely love it,” says Musk.  “I’ve had the benefit of working with a lot of wonderful artists through the years, and it’s a fascinating process: you start as a blank canvas and then a transformation occurs, but there’s always a very real and honest piece of me there, too.”

“I think that’s one thing that’s kept me working in this industry for so long, my interest in self-representation. It’s a big part of my role as a dietitian, too – helping people feel happy, healthy and confident exactly as they are. And recently, I’ve become so much more engaged in social media, particularly Instagram, which is yet another way I can show people the many different sides of myself.”



Musk’s “timeless beauty” is what attracted the brand to her. “She is always creating new opportunities and paving the way for so many others who might not meet the industry standard of ‘model,’ but are truly beautiful in every regard,” says Ukonwa Ojo, SVP, COVERGIRL. “This is exactly what COVERGIRL is all about: owning your identity and proudly sharing with the world all the facets that make you, you.”

What will Musk’s first campaign be? Stay tuned.