Hair and skin aren’t the only victims of moisture- and soul-sucking winter. Nails also get their share of sub-zero abuse – especially when you’re trying to Snapchat your tobogganing escapade with fingerless gloves. (Note to self: invest in touchscreen texting gloves ASAP.)

“You’ll probably start to notice your cuticles more as the weather gets
 colder. They tend to dry out and harden in the winter. This is an 
effect of both the temperature outdoors and the artificial heat we
 encounter everyday,” says Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen Global Colour Ambassador. “Dryness can also cause your nails to become
 more brittle, to crack and break more easily.”

HOW TO FIX IT: Hit the salon for a waterless manicure (i.e. where your hands don’t soak) at least once a month. “When nails absorb water they expand and won’t return to their natural strength for up to 24 hours. Water is something you should try and keep your nails away from as much as possible,” says Naomi Misu, from Tips Nail Bar in Toronto.

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In between trips to the salon, keep nails healthy at home by filing, buffing and polishing once a week. Here are some of our favourite products to use.

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