Olivier Giroud, the 27-year-old striker for the French National Team and Arsenal Football Club recently signed on as the new face of Hugo Boss. As the team advances to the next round in
Brazil, we get his take on how he deals with pressure, his
grooming routine before a big match and his passion for the game.

How do you prepare for success?

I don’t prepare myself for success as I like to enjoy the mystery and spontaneity of it, but I do work hard to trigger it. Building the road to success is never over.

What attribute do you think is the most important to succeeding in life?

First you need talent and a little bit of luck. Major ingredients are ambition and willingness. It’s a mix of values that we need to keep in mind with one of the most important being modesty.

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Do you have any other passions in your life?

I like to play golf, I love skiing, but since I signed to be a professional player I have to be careful! I love nature, mountains. I discovered F1 recently and love motorsports and cars.

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Did your upbringing have an influence on your success? If so, how?

Modesty is a very important value in life and sport. We can’t last if we don’t have modesty and question ones self. Respect is a value I’ve been raised with.

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How important it is for you to play in the French team?
It’s a privilege to wear this blue shirt, to play for my own nation, my “patrie”. It was very emotional the first time I walked toward the field wearing my blue shirt. It’s a memorable moment and I hope I will play a long time with the team.

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How do you prepare for important events?
I try to keep a routine to remove as much pressure as possible. Tone down the situation, put things into perspective and remember that nobody will die. I’m not a stressed person in general so I try to keep calm and stay cool.

What was the first fragrance you wore?
I think it’s either Boss Bottled or Booster by Lacoste. I also wore Escape from Calvin Klein.

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What are your must-have products in the dressing room?
Deodorant, skin care cream, toothbrush, gel/wax, fragrance, hair drier.

How do you define your personal style?
I would say classy, I like to be well dressed and nice looking. I pay attention to my style. I feel at ease in a suit but I need to progress on tie tying!

What are the three things you do to stay healthy?

Sleep, food and have an open mind.

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