“I’m always wondering, how do I steal DNA? DNA and technology. That’s my thing,” laughs Charlotte Tilbury, the makeup artist behind the light-reflecting Wonder Glow primer, meant to give mere mortals the skin Gisele naturally wakes up with, and the smoothing, hyper-illuminating Hollywood Flawless Filter, otherwise known as JLo in a jar.

It was one of Tilbury’s many preoccupations while concocting her latest collection, designed to make you look like you’re wearing a Snapchat filter in real life. 

“When we put on the flower crown filter, we all look like we’re Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings—like we’ve all gone to goddess school,” says Tilbury. “As a makeup artist, I am always thinking about the optical illusion that you can create, and then I had this amazing laboratory. So between those, I thought how we could come up with amazing things that could give you bigger, brighter eyes, soft-focus cheeks, and the pretty youth glow of my favourite digital filters bottled into products?”

The resulting four items in the new Beauty Filters collection do just that, and have been used on Tilbury’s celebrity clients Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Irina Shayk and Naomi Campbell, to name a few. 

Available now, the Bigger Brighter Eyes ($66) palettes are made to make your eyes look, well, bigger and brighter, while the new Legendary Lashes Volume 2 ($38) is a reformulation of the original Legendary Lashes mascara, with increased staying power to prevent the dreaded midday smudge. 

Launching online at the end of May, Pretty Youth Glow Filter ($50) is part blush, part highlighter for a “just-ran-through-a-meadow” look, and Cheek Hug Brush ($75, available only when purchased with the blush) was created specifically to work with the formula for foolproof application.

Also available next month is Collagen Lip Bath ($40), which Tilbury calls a facial for the lips. “It’s got mustard sprout extract—it doesn’t sound very fabulous, but it’s fantastic—to actively plump the lips. Then you’ve got collagen extract, you’ve got coconut oil, you’ve got the milky, pinky, glossy, opaque texture, and rose and peppermint extract in it,” she says. “You feel really fresh—like you’ve brushed your teeth.” 

Tilbury has, so far, managed to bottle the respective glows of JLo and Gisele, and she isn’t stopping there—though she is coy when asked whose otherworldly complexions she is after next.

“There’s some good DNA coming up,” she offers.