What was the process like when you found out you were going to walk in Proenza? When did you find out?
My mother agency Chantale Nadeau sent my photo directly to the casting director Ashley Brokaw for Proenza Schouler and they flew me to New York to meet with the designers. After my casting they confirmed me right away for the exclusive booking in New York. I came back home for a week to catch up on school, and then one week later I was back in New York to do the looks for Proenza Schouler with their team.

What was the casting process like?
I was well prepared! I picked a great outfit to wear, with my favorite heels. All my runway practices and experience from Toronto fashion week really helped me. I was really less nervous that I would have been if it were my first show.

What did you wear when you met the casting agents?
I wore a super cute black and white button up shirt from Top Shop and I wore my favorite black skinny jeans and some Dr. Martens boots.  

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What was the atmosphere like backstage at Proenza?
It was much more relaxed than what I expected, they were very organised. If you listen well and do what they want you to do, it’s perfect. Overall there was a ton of energy!  A “buzz!”
Did you know any other models backstage?
I recognized a few faces like Canadian model Liisa Winkler and top model Liya Kebede. They are amazing and I really admire their career longevity.  I was able to meet most of the girls during fittings.  I was excited to be walking among them for my first show!
How did you feel before you hit the runway?
Before I walked down the runway I was a bit nervous because the choreography was a bit complicated. I was afraid to make a mistake but everything went well because we only had a few practices before! The makeup by Diane Kendal was so cool and the hair by Anthony Turner was so modern.  The headbands are also so cool!  And thankfully the shoes were easy to walk in and very comfortable.

Was there anything that surprised you about the experience?
Many people worked so hard to make this show perfect. They have been working for months and the days before the show, and working very late into the night. All of that work for only one short show! The team was amazing.

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How did you celebrate after?
I went to a great restaurant with Chantale, my mother agent, who was in town to chaperone and watch the show, and a few other of her girls from Canada. I had the most amazing desert!  I have been working out hard for the last six months and eating very healthy food to be in the best shape possible. I ordered a huge banana split to celebrate!
What was the most interesting thing about the whole experience?
Working one on one with the designers and their team was really interesting. I was able to see the collection come alive off the racks and onto the models. I had the pleasure of doing the looks as well as the show, so I wore every outfit. The clothes are so amazing and well crafted.  The Proenza Schouler designers are so talented! One other thing is that you are never 100% sure that you are doing the show until you’re literally walking on the runway. There’s always a little possibility that you can be cancelled.  But I am so happy it worked out! I had the experience of a lifetime. All of my family and friends watched the show live via the livestream, and all of my social media is blowing up. Their support is really something I appreciate. Everyone was texting after the show to congratulate me, it made me feel so amazing!  And I would also like to thank my agents at Sutherland and Folio for their support in getting started in this business.