It’s the beginning of the work week, you have a big meeting and your nail polish is … not nearly as perfect as it was when you got your manicure least week. No worries about how you actually chipped it (likely on an icy margarita glass — we’ve all been there). With a little help and a few beauty tips from Leeanne Colley, Revlon Nail Expert, here’s how to fix a minor chipped nail in a hurry until you can get a brand new mani.

Fix your chipped nail by …
“If you’re in a crunch and you’ve broken a nail the fastest and least time consuming way to fix it is to file it down,” explains Colley.

2. “If your nails are long you’ll have to cut them all to make sure that they are all even/uniform in length.”

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Fix your chipped nail polish by …
“If you have the shade at home, just dab a little on the chipped area,” says Colley. Set it once dry with a top coat.

2. If the chip is bigger or you don’t have the exact shade at home Colley suggests “adding a bit of glitter to the tip to create a quick accent nail.”

3. Your last option? “Carefully file down the nail that has the chipped polish,” says Colley. It may appear shorter than the rest of your nails, but it will be less noticeable than a chip.

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Chipped nail polish … prevent it by …
“It is easy to chip a nail when your nails are dry or brittle,” explains Colley. “Keep them hydrated by adding cuticle oil to your cuticles and nails daily. Your nails will become more flexible and resilient.”

2. Keep things neat and tidy by sporting shorter nails. “You’ll have less chance of catching them on things and less chance of you using them as tools,” says Colley.

3. Rethink your polish. “Use enamels that contain strengtheners that are enriched with vitamins,” advises Colley.

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4. “Keeping a coat of enamel on your nails at all times not only adds beauty, it also adds an extra layer of strength.”

5. “Always use a topcoat,” says Colley. “This will prolong your manicure and keep it from dulling or chipping.”

6. Lighter shades are your nail polish chip friends. “Lighter shades are less obvious when you chip a nail,” says Colley. If you’re prone to chipped nails on the regular opt for pale pinks, light beige and greys for less noticeable chips.