Sometimes, the weekend can seem impossibly far away (is it really only Tuesday?). The fix for mid-week blues? A spa trip to boost your energy and clear your mind.
Glowing skin is an instant pick-me-up (Who doesn’t love a flawless complexion?), and the rest of the work week will fly by thanks to a soothing massage. We’ve rounded up the best energy and mood boosting treatments from across Canada to help you make it through the week. Who’s in?

Energizing spa treatment: Seaweed body wrap
What it is: A seaweed wrap is a full body treatment using concentrated seawater and seaweed. The seaweed mixture is brushed on and you are wrapped up tight to give the seaweed a chance to soak deep into your skin. Usually the wrap encapsulates your entire body, but if you are claustrophobic, you can ask to keep your arms free.
Why you need it: The wrap contains essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins that help increase circulation, which will give your skin that healthy glow you covet.
Where to get it:Brentwood Resort & Spa in Victoria, B.C

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Energizing spa treatment: Fire and ice massage

What it is: During a fire and ice massage (available at Toronto’s own Elmwood Spa), a combination of cold and hot stones are glided over the body with varying pressures to stimulate blood vessels to dilate.
Why you need it: The contrast between the hot and cold stones will awaken your senses and give tired muscles a chance to relax and recover. And healing is the first step towards that boost of energy you need.
Where to get it: Elmwood Spa in Toronto, ON

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Energizing spa treatment: Oxygen facial
What it is: Skin care giant, Intraceuticals, introduced the oxygen facial a few years ago, and it is still a favourite among the stars. Oxygen is used to push hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin and rejuvenate it.
Why you need it: Technically, the oxygen facial is not adding anything to your skin that shouldn’t already be there. The treatment is simply helping your skin’s natural oils replenish themselves and become better able to retain moisture.
Where to get it: Asana Skin Spa in Toronto, ON and Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Clinic in Vancouver, B.C

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Banff-willow-stream-spa.jpgEnergizing spa treatment: A coffee body scrub

What it is: A body scrub or body polish at a spa is basically a deep exfoliating version of the scrubs you might use at home. Except you get to lay back and enjoy someone else doing all the work. A coffee scrub (made up of ground up dark-roasted coffee beans) will slough away rough patches and leave you with soft, glowing skin.
Why you need it: The scents of fresh ground coffee will invigorate you while exfoliating.
Where to get it: Hammam Spa in Toronto, ON

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Energizing spa treatment: Reiki
What it is: Cleanse your mind. More of a spiritual, energy related treatment, Reiki is now being offered in more mainstreams spas, like The Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers in B.C. By placing their hands on certain parts of your body, the Reiki practitioner is able to release and redirect energy blockages that could be causing pain and stress.
Why you need it: After a long day, you could be holding negative energy in certain areas, and Reiki will help you release that, making it a great way to open your mind, and take care of your spiritual side.
Where to get it:The Fresh Start Health Retreat Centre in Oyster Bay, B.C

Energizing spa treatment: Aromatherapy massage
What it is: Adding scent to your massage experience is a great way to induce the mood you are after. Massage therapists can increase the bliss factor of your massage by using essential oils, leaving your skin smelling great even after you leave the table.
Why you need it: Lavender, the most popular relaxation oil, can even de-stress the most non-stop workaholic. But if you want a burst of energy, rosemary, sage, and ylang ylang are your go-tos.
Where to get it: Willow Stream Spa in Banff, Alberta

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Energizing spa treatment: Reflexology
What it is: A foot massage with the added benefit of targeted therapy for certain areas of concern. Reflexologists believe that each pressure point in the foot corresponds to a part of the body. That ache in your neck could be worked out from a few gentle pressure points.
Why you need it: Besides the obvious relaxation of a massage on tired feet, reflexology also improves circulation, reduces tension, and stimulates the body’s own healing abilities.
Where to get it: The Oneness Health and Wellness Centre in Moncton, N.B

Energizing spa treatment: A dip in a mineral pool
What it is: Take a dip in a mineral pool like the on at Temple Garden Mineral Spa Resort in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The pool is warm all year-round with waters drawn directly from an ancient seabed below the earth’s surface, laced with minerals that pull out toxins and soothe tired skin. 
Why you need it
: The waters contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and naturally occurring Epsom Salt compounds. That combo will hydrate your skin, and detoxify your lymphatic system, prepping your skin for the next weekend.
Where to get it: Temple Garden Mineral Spa Resort in Moose Jaw, Saskachewan and Elkhorn Resort in Onanole, MB


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