The latest guest star on Kylie Jenner’s app is dermatologist Christie Kidd, who is a huge proponent of keeping skincare simple. “Less is more,” says Kidd, who works with both Kendall and Kylie. “99.9 percent of the stuff we all have in our drawers can go in the trash. Let’s keep it simple so your skin will be clean and glowing.”


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Her idea of a pared-down routine? Wake up, wash your face, pat it dry and apply sunscreen. “If you want to apply some moisturizer on top of it, that’s great – use a nice light moisturizer. But I need you to avoid tinted moisturizers,” she says. “[They’re] designed to absorb deep into the layers of your skin, to hydrate your skin and protect it, but it’s bringing all that pigment with it. And that is going to break you out.”

In the evening, remove your makeup, wash your face and rinse well. Then apply any additional products layered from lightest to heaviest i.e. serums first, then creams – says Kidd, who also reccommends applying a balm to keep lips hydrated while sleeping. 

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