Step 1 “Start by applying a champagne-coloured shadow on the lid, beginning at the lash line and blending up to the brow bone.”

Step 2
“Using gel eyeliner, sculpt the upper and lower lash lines by drawing along the eye’s inner rims. Smudge and blend the liner; this will make your lashes look thicker.”

Step 3
“Apply a medium-toned shadow starting at the lash line and blending towards the crease and socket. Apply the shadow to the inner corner of the eye, and create a fine line under the lower lash line for added definition.”

MAKEUP TIPS: Everything you need to know about eyeliner

Step 4 “Apply a dark eyeshadow – blacks, dark grays, and jewel tones all work – and blend it towards the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to intensify the shade focusing on the outer corner and above the socket crease. Blend the shadow into the lower lash line as well. The most important tip in creating a great smoky eye is to blend your eye shadows!”

Step 5
“Finish with 2 coats of volumizing mascara in ultra-black to create intense, darkly-pigmented lashes. Apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of your top and bottom lashes.”