Brides weigh in, literally.
Wedding season is around the corner, but this year there is a new (and alarmingly popular) method for fitting into your dress. Enter the feeding-tube frenzy… The K-E diet is a new pre-nuptial diet craze that relies on a small feeding tube to administer a protein and vitamin-rich fluid to brides for 10-days. Little by little, fluid is deposited into the stomach (via the nasal passage) and is said to erase appetite completely. This liquefied concoction restricts your caloric intake to 800 calories/day and promises brides they will shed 20 pounds during the program. While you may agree with
Kate Hudson in
Bridesmaids— “You don’t alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.” –I highly doubt that Mrs. Wang would encourage feeding tube fittings.