Just because you want it all for your thick, coarse hair—smoother, shinier, less frizz—doesn’t mean you have to crowd your space with countless hair-care products. A multi-purpose workhorse that ticks all the boxes, OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil is one bottle with four uses. Infused with coconut oil, every drop of this damage remedy tackles dryness, smooths frizz and adds shine.

Members of the ELLE Canada team put this hair oil’s versatility to the test, with four wavy and curly-haired members each assigned a different use. Spoiler alert: The product’s sunny fragrance (a mix of coconut milk, tangerine and warm vanilla) was just one aspect of the rave reviews. Here’s what our quartet had to say about using this overachieving hair oil four different ways.

Use #1: As a pre-shampoo treatment

Just a few drops of OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil can transform your wash day and instantly rejuvenate any dull, dry strands. And it’s easy to use: Just apply oil to mid-lengths and ends and then allow it to be absorbed for at least 10 minutes before washing your hair with your go-to shampoo. That’s it! “I used it as a pre-shampoo treatment on my super-curly hair and noticed that my strands absorbed just the right amount of product to be nourished and have less frizz,” says Alexandra Papineau, creativity media director. “And I used less conditioner because the hair oil did a good a job hydrating my hair.” Her results earned high praise. “My curls are shinier and more defined. My hair is colour-treated and usually very dry, but I didn’t feel it was greasier in any way,” she says. In fact, Papineau was so pleased that she ended up adding the hair oil to other steps in her hair-care routine. “I tried it on my straight-hair looks too and loved it as a finishing oil to make my hair shine even more,” she says. “I’m leaving for a vacation in the Dominican Republic next week and will be sure to pack this oil to try as an overnight mask and to help protect my hair from sun damage.”

Alexandra Papineau

Use #2: As an overnight mask

Whether you’ve got a special event or date the next day and want your hair to look its absolute best or you simply need to give your parched strands a nourishing overhaul, you can use OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil as an overnight mask. Gaby Beaudoin, marketing chief, put this option to the test on her thick and wavy long hair. “I noticed that my hair was less frizzy, shinier and stronger the next morning,” she says. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with such a beautifying boost? To elevate your beauty sleep, apply a liberal amount of the hair oil to your palms, rub them together and work the product through dry hair to the ends. Weaving your hair into loose braids or tying it up in a loose topknot will further protect it while you sleep. Allow the oil to be absorbed overnight and then rinse it out in the morning. After only one use, Beaudoin is a new-found fan. “I will add this product to my routine,” she says. “I’ve never used a hair oil before, but the application was really easy. That—plus the results—is my favourite thing about it.”

OGX x ELLE CANADA - Gaby Beaudoin

Use #3: As a booster to your fave conditioner

To level up your hair-care routine in a flash, try mixing a liberal amount of OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil into your favourite conditioner and leaving it in your hair for three to five minutes. Cynthia Quellet, web content director, found the double-duty trick worked wonders on her slightly wavy long hair. “I saw fewer frizzy hairs and flyaways on my lengths than on the rest of my hair,” she says. “And despite the fact that it’s an oil, my hair didn’t feel heavier, which was a nice surprise. It was still soft and luminous.” With the product’s multiple benefits, it also deserves a shout-out as a value buy. “You don’t need to use more than a few drops, so it will last a long time,” Quellet says. “Considering it’s a four-in-one hair oil at this price—plus paraben- and sulphate-free—it’s a great add-on to a hair-care routine.”

Cynthia Quellet

Use #4: As a finishing oil

Finally, you can (and should!) try using OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil as a shine enhancer and finisher on dry ends. “I applied a bit of the product on my ends after both blow-drying and air-drying and each time found that my hair was noticeably shinier, smoother and healthier-looking,” says Katherine Lalancette, beauty director. Another bonus for Lalancette was how this unique formula suited her naturally wavy texture. “My hair is on the thin side, but I have a lot of it. And it’s a bit dry toward the ends,” she says. “I’m often afraid that oils will weigh down my strands, but this one penetrated instantly without leaving any hint of greasiness.” In addition to the dose of nourishment that was just right, Lalancette also loved the scent. “I’m obsessed with this oil’s smell,” she says. “Especially as we head into the colder months, it’s so nice to breathe in its beachy aroma and get a little taste of sunshine even when it’s snowing outside.”

Katherine Lalancette

Whichever way you choose to use OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil—whether it’s in the shower, overnight or at the styling stage—you can expect to have smoother, shinier hair for 24 hours. And if your thick or coarse hair needs extra rejuvenation, try pairing it with OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for a complete hair-care routine. The sulphate-free formulas are an ultra-rich repairing blend of coconut oil, essence of tiare flower and vanilla-bean extract that leaves damaged hair soft, silky and shiny.