‘If you could look like anyone, who would it be?’ a friend offhandedly asked me one weekend ago. To which, I responded with no hesitation; ‘Bella Hadid’. And yes, while I do think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, I must share that the model’s most recent beauty look will not only further my case but close it entirely. Enter a thing to behold: glass hair.

Following months of keeping a deliberately low profile due to ongoing health issues, Bella has finally reemerged. Just a few days ago, during a weekend outing in New York City, the star was spotted in a two-piece grey cable-knit coord which caused all sorts of trending 2024 predictions. Grandmacore? You bet!


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But fashion aside, the one aspect of the model’s look that we could not stop admiring was her hair. I mean, it was brighter than a Christmas tree, shinier than pure diamonds and more reflective than a pane of glass. Don’t believe me? Just see for yourselves with the pap snap below:

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As I’m sure we’re all aware, hair health has risen in our list of priorities in recent years, meaning that so has the sub-beauty trend ‘glass hair’; you really can’t achieve one without the other.

And my favourite product to help achieve this look is the newly released Ouai Hair Gloss. Just use it in the shower as a replacement for your conditioner and let the results speak for themselves!

As far as my judgements go, this hairstyle just won my top spot when ranking of all 2023’s celeb beauty looks. Winner winner, Bella Hadid continues to shimmer…

This article originally appeared on ELLE UK.

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