While winter does have its upsides, it can also wreak havoc on your skin and hair. We often forget that during colder months, the lack of humidity in the air and the use of indoor heating cause a dryer environment, resulting in problems for our hair and skin. As soon as the temperature drops below 12ºC(!), your skin starts feeling the effects: It gets dryer and may develop a rough texture or become easily irritated, which means a few tweaks to your skincare routine are called for. Your hair also suffers from the lack of moisture in the air and can start to feel dry and brittle. Although it’s a good idea to use hydrating hair treatments all year long, they become even more important once winter rolls around. And since the cold season is all about cocooning and self-care, why not take advantage of the next few months and give your mane some extra love with products that are vitamin-rich and hydrating and have delightful scents?

Here are three products to add to your hair-care-meets-self-care routine this season.

Fortifying Damage Repair Overnight Restoring Serum With Castor Oil

This product has a lovely scent and is perfect for applying daily before bed so it can work its magic while you get your beauty rest. Its formula contains castor oil, pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants to help protect your locks against damage and frizz, making them instantly soft and silky—no need to rinse! Want to wake up with shiny, healthy tresses every day? This serum is your best bet.

Tip A silk pillowcase is a great way to complement your routine as it will minimize tugging on your skin and hair while you sleep. Translation: fewer split ends and sleep lines in the morning!

Miracle Moisture Boost Treatment With Rose Water

Use this product once a week after shampooing; for even better results, use it after Pantene Miracle Moisture Boost shampoo and conditioner. The intensive treatment gives your mane an incredible dose of hydration, and its subtle rose scent makes your shower or soak in the tub even more relaxing. Indulge your senses while this mix of pro-vitamin B5, antioxidants and rose water transforms damaged, brittle strands into radiant locks that feel super soft to the touch.

Tip Create spa-inspired ambience at home by lighting a candle or two (opt for rose-scented ones to stick with the theme!) and playing calming music while you complete your beauty routine.

Intense Rescue Shots

Is your mane in need of some extra TLC? These individual doses of pro-vitamin B5 and strengthening lipids are exactly what you need to restore locks that have been subjected to hot styling tools and harsh weather conditions. After shampooing, saturate your strands with the contents of one of the single-dose shots. They’re designed to avoid overdosing, so there’s no need to hold back! In one minute flat, signs of hair damage are visibly repaired, and you’re left with super-smooth and lustrous tresses. A miracle product that makes a huge difference after just one use, it’s the ideal choice for the busiest among us who need a fast, effective solution. Plus, the shots smell nothing short of heavenly and are a joy to use. Pop one open when your hair needs a boost, and enjoy a quick moment of me time while you’re at it!

Tip Take advantage of this intensive treatment’s express processing time and treat your face to a quick exfoliation with your favourite scrub—a great way to pamper both your skin and your hair once a week while enjoying some time to yourself.

Ready to take on the cold season now that your hair-care and wellness strategy is set? This winter, trade in those frizzy, damaged locks for a healthy, silky and incredibly soft mane!

Pantene Fortifying Damage Repair Overnight Restoring Serum With Castor Oil


Pantene Miracle Moisture Boost Treatment With Rose Water