Based in Tahiti and New York, François Nars is a veteran makeup artist with his own line of cosmetics.

How should women adjust their makeup for summer?
I would switch to a tinted cream or a lighter foundation. If you have some discoloration or rosacea you can use a bit of concealer as well, but it’s better to take care of your skin than to cover it up. This is a good time to opt for pastel shades in peach or rose so you look like you’ve been on holiday — even if you haven’t! Applying makeup with your fingers is a good way to get a soft, easy look. When it comes to the lips, put away your heavily textured lipsticks and go for something sheer. You can still wear rich colours, but make sure they are transparent. The keyword is less: less mascara, less contouring, less powder. Let your natural beauty shine through because summer is a time of freedom.

You moved to Tahiti six years ago this month; what has living there taught you about beauty?
I create my colour collections there, and I love the different shades found in nature. Beauty is about finding your own identity and happiness. Be as healthy as you can, and don’t smoke or overdrink. Take care of yourself, and be more conscious of nature. When you see the beauty that exists in nature, why destroy it?

What is the minimum amount of makeup a woman should own to
create a great look all year round?

You need a blush; my Multiples can be worn on the eyes, lips and cheeks. Eyeshadows in bronze and beige work for everyone, and you can apply them with the fingers. If you want a more precise look, invest in some good tools: pony hair is great for blush brushes; sable is perfect for eyeshadow brushes (get one flat and one angled) and a lip brush. To test for quality, pull the hairs to make sure that they don’t fall out easily. Get brushes that are densely packed, not skimpy. Sometimes you might be able to get away with cheap makeup but never with cheap brushes.

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Based in London (England) and Barbados, Jemma Kidd is the founder of Jemma Kidd Make Up School in London and the creator of her own line of cosmetics.

What is your favourite look for summer?
First of all, you’ve got to be disciplined about the sun. I limit myself to only an hour of sunbathing a day — two if it’s a cloudy day. If you bake, you look ridiculous; I always use a high SPF on my face. Summer is all about skin, so you’ve got to exfoliate. As for makeup, keep it simple. I put on my Dual Illuminator Crème Highlighter. I don’t like wearing waterproof mascara, but my lashes are so blond that without it I look washed out. I prefer my Lasting Tint because it lasts for a few days and I can go swimming while wearing it. I also put on a bit of lip gloss and maybe a little shimmer eyeshadow. I keep my nails buffed and short. I’m not big on fragrances because they mix poorly with that wonderful smell of suntan lotion.

What’s your beauty pet peeve?
Oh, I can’t stand it when women wear too much foundation. Some women feel that they need to create a blank canvas before they can do their makeup, but I love to see the natural skin come through. With today’s various peels and laser treatments, you can correct many different facial imperfections so you don’t need to try to cover them up. My other pet peeve is the overuse of self-tanners. The fake-tan world has gone completely mad! Girls come to my school covered up and blotchy from all the tanning products; it’s so difficult to find a foundation that suits them.

How do you survive long plane trips?
Brush your teeth! I know it sounds silly, but if you wash your hands, brush your teeth and clean up your face a bit, you’ll immediately feel brighter. I’d also recommend eye-brightening drops, a little bit of blush and some lip gloss. You’ve got to hydrate too, so drink water and use a good moisturizer or face oil; I love Dr. Hauschka products.

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