If, like us, you’ve dreamed of smelling just like Rihanna, in the hope of attracting the same success, beauty or sheer confidence that the 33-year-old musician and beauty mogul exudes, then today is your lucky day.

In a first for the much-loved beauty brand, Fenty has officially released their first fragrance, a unisex scent that’s appropriately named ‘Fenty Parfum’.

Of course, while this isn’t Rihanna’s first perfume—who could forget Reb’l Fleur, RiRi, and Rogue?—this launch in particular is a first from Fenty Beauty in the perfume department, and it has rightfully sent the industry into a frenzy.

Sprinkling breadcrumbs for fans since July 28, bad girl RiRi herself first hinted at the launch by posting a black-and-white portrait on Instagram, with a caption that read, “#FENTYPARFUM COMING SOON 👀”, simultaneously welcoming a set of dramatically long sideburns.

Merely one day later, she shared the packaging for the perfume, in the same vibrant blue used for her Fenty clothing line, posted to the Fenty Beauty account.

As for what the fragrance smells like, a spritz will contain notes that delicately balance between rich earthiness of musk and patchouli with lighter, sweeter-smelling ingredients like magnolia, tangerine, and blueberry. The end result? A perfume that isn’t too rich for daytime wear, or too light and sweet that it fades away after 10 minutes of wear.

As per Fenty Beauty themselves, the scent can be described as, “Raw, sensual, spicy, and sweet, all at once.”

Lasting all day on the skin, Fenty Parfum’s notes of musk offer warmth that emulates an extension of your natural scent rather than working as an add-on. Thanks to its subtle fruity notes, the scent boasts a freshness to ensure a more friendly and enticing whiff.

Described by Fenty as an “intimate unisex fragrance that is everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want to be”, it’s clear that if one came across RiRi and her new beau A$AP Rocky, those two would likely be spritzing this scent.

When it comes to the bottle itself, it was designed to blend masculinity and feminitiy, much like the scent. In a minimalist, amber brown bottle, it screams luxury and timelessness.

Inspired by Rihanna’s favourite colour, brown, it is nothing like its celebrity fragrance counterparts, thanks to its gently curved and classic shape—in fact, it looks straight off the shelf of any luxury designer brand. And quite honestly, when has Rihanna ever fallen in line with cliché celebrity counterparts?

Ready to get your hands on Fenty Eau de Parfum? The scent is available exclusively on Fenty Beauty from August 10 onward.

This story originally appeared on ELLE AUSTRALIA

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