Duchess Kate’s $1000 Haircut

Dec 10 2013 by
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KateMiddletonTemperleyLondonImage courtesy of Getty.

While she’s happy to
accessorise the red-carpet with some high-street bling, when it comes to her hair, Duchess Kate doesn’t pinch her pence. Remember that
slightly-darker-but-otherwise-completely-the-same ‘new look’ Katie Cambridge debuted last week?
According to tabloid Grazia, that radical transformation required SIX HOURS of tender trimming on the regal locks, and a bill of approximately $1,000 Canadian Dollars.
If you’d like to get Kate’s glossy, bouncy ‘do, you too can have "the method" done on your hair at any one of Rossano Ferreti’s 20 worldwide locations. This signature technique involves rapidly cutting the hair ("3 snips per second" apparently), so when you do the cost-per-cut math (6 hours divided by 20 snips per minute, something something math) it actually works out to just over a penny a scissor-slice! Sure, girl’s still got great hair, but does that seem a little much for a glorified trim?
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