This look is going to be my everyday choice for spring and summer. It’s light, fresh, youthful and the tones work on just about anyone. I enlisted the ever-helpful Greg Wencel,
COVERGIRL makeup pro, for tips on getting this look in just a few minutes and steps. His biggest tip for this look? Apply your eye makeup first, then dab on foundation and a rosy blush. It couldn’t be easier! "I love this look because it is so fresh and youthful – great for spring/summer!" says Greg. "The radiant metallic, gold eye with the
rosy glowing cheek and a soft, subtle lip will be flattering on any woman of any age and skin tone. I love how the look enhances a woman’s natural beauty instead of overpowering it."

Step 1: Prep the skin This look has to begin with super soft skin to keep it looking fresh and youthful. Start by applying a serum or primer to your entire face and neck. While that sets, curl lashes with a lash curler.