This month, Caley Skinner—our fearless, beauty-obsessed intern—test-drives makeup trends inspired by our round-up of the top 10 beauty how-to videos.

Today’s dare: Caley lets her little sister do her makeup
Video inspiration:
Jenna Marbles’ "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag"
Caley’s verdict: The experiment was simple: let my younger sister loose on my makeup collection (and my face), giving her no direction whatsoever. I realized this might be dangerous when I heard the gleeful cackle that came out my J.P. when she saw the pile of makeup I’d dumped on my bed for her. The first bout of uncontrollable giggles came when J.P. discovered my Tarte blush stick, which she used to draw shiny pink circles on my cheeks. The doll blush was followed with liquid (waterproof… *shudder*) eyeliner, applied liberally UNDER the eyes, and then electric green pigment powder jammed into my tear ducts. My face was a war zone. Was she colouring my eyebrows in with my navy blue eyeshadow stick?! My middle sister walked into the room around this point and doubled over in laughter. "Why the blue eyebrows, J.P.?" she asked. "I thought it was… eye briner?" J.P. replied earnestly. She elaborated that she’d been inspired by the smurfs etched onto her t-shirt. Next it was time to tackle my skin. My Urban Decay primer proved irresistible: "This one says potion… I HAVE to use it!" Take note: product naming can be VERY effective. The highlighter powder label proved a bit more confusing: "Cooked powder? They COOK makeup?!" Somehow this was read as being a hair product – J.P. grabbed a blush brush and began smooshing the highlighter into my hair, exclaiming, "Why don’t you just make your hair blonde by doing that? It’s like magic!" It took J.P. a long time to find foundation, but when she finally figured out what tube it was in she did not hold back, dripping it straight onto my cheeks and then rubbing it in like thick sunscreen. It was time to throw in a little "natural beauty," meaning J.P. dabbed some pink blush on the tip of my nose; "I love your nose, it’s so cute!" she said happily, Rudolphing me completely. Lastly, J.P. tackled my lips – "I think they’ll want your lips to look a bit bigger" she considered; I was on board, actually, until she pulled out my dark purple lip stain marker and started colouring WAY outside the lines. J.P. topped the stain off with some M.A.C. lipstick in Ladybug; she captured the final product perfectly when she said "I’m going to make it look like you got a surgery to make your lips bigger." And to think my solution to small lips has been lip plumper all this time. J.P.’s verdict? "Hmm… you look like Elmo’s friend Big Bird." I think the look is more "Clown-on-a-treadmill" and I have to say, I’ve never looked better.
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