5-moves-to-boost-your-energyImage courtesy of iStock.

Whether your day was filled with conference calls and meetings or you had a little too much fun on #SundayFunday, the afternoon slump has a knack of creeping up on the best of us. To battle that sluggishness, I’ve enlisted the help of
Fresh Fitness founder Jannah Watt Cadogan to show us five moves to
boost your energy and keep your mind sharp.
Energy boosting move #1: Cat-Cow stretch
Why it works: "This move mobilizes the spine and brings focus to your breathing through deep inhalations and exhalations", says Watt Cadogan. Controlled breathing can relieve stress and calm the mind.
How it’s done: "On your hands and knees, inhale deeply through the nose while arching your lower back. On the exhale (note: exhale slowly through pursed lips), round your back while pulling in the belly button, making sure to tuck your hips under and your chin in. Repeat 4-5 times." For more energy boosting moves