5 minutes with Zac Posen: “I don’t believe in the snobbery of fashion”

May 15 2014 by
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Zac took off his hat so we could be curl twinsies. Bonding. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Zac Posen in Lake Como
as part of the huge MAC Cosmetics Fall/Winter 2014 trend presentation. In the glam, chic confines of the Casta Diva Resort, we had a quick chat about his thoughts on fashion, beauty and diversity. The American designer is having a real moment: he dressed
ten celebrities at the Met Gala last week, recently launched a bridal collection with Davids, acts as a judge on Project Runway and had a whirlwind stop in Como as MAC’s special surprise guest (bringing several of his gorgeous gowns with him).

Models dressed in Zac Posen strike a pose at the MAC A/W 2014 Trend Presentation
On his symbiotic relationship with models (Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha adore him.)
Posen: I think I’m really drawn to people with who have really true star quality. And Naomi and Coco obviously have it in spades. I’ve known Naomi since I was a teenager. I did fittings with her when I was in school in London. She’s very special person. Models are part of my community—fashion is a small business industry that mixes creativity and commerce, so you have to treat it as community. I’ve always treated models with a lot of respect. I don’t believe in the snobbery of fashion at all.
On his red carpet takeover:
Posen: I use the red carpet to try and present a wide and diverse range of women. It’s not about one archetype of a woman—that’s just not interesting to me in the world. Though the red carpet you can dress and acknowledge different races and different body types and that’s really important and interesting to me. [On the red carpet] I’m not subjecting a character onto them (which is helpful for models for fashion shows]. It’s really about how they feel in the dress, and I think I have a lot of respect for then. MORE:
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