While beauty trends emerge and disappear just as quickly as they came, there are a few standard makeup tricks that will never go out of style, especially when it comes to anti-aging skin care. We chatted with Hayley Miller, a Vancouver-based makeup artist, for her expert makeup application tips that will keep you looking younger (we promise!).

Anti-aging makeup tricks: How to get foolproof foundation

The best time to apply makeup is immediately after hopping out of the shower. “Most people want to put makeup on dry skin,” says Miller. But if you have problem skin, it only draws attention to those flaws—and makes them appear worse. Create a DIY tinted moisturizer by mixing in foundation with your day cream and apply to warm, damp skin where you need it most. Look for a silicone-based foundation to fill in pores, especially on the nose and cheeks, which tend to be larger.

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“It’s tempting to want to use oil-free products, but water-based foundation is not as hydrating,” Miller explains. And skin doesn’t produce as much oil as it ages anyway. Once skin tone is evened out, create natural shadows and contours by brushing a powder foundation under the eyes and across the forehead and chin. “Even if you have lovely skin, and there’s nothing technically wrong with it, it’s going to look even better when you add texture and shine to it,” says Miller. Shine? “Yes, don’t be afraid of shimmer.” Dust a highlighting powder under the brow bone and over lids, and finish off with a shiny lip balm.

Anti-aging makeup tricks: Keep bright, soft lips

“I’m all about bright colours!” says Miller. But like anything worthwhile, you have to maintain a balance. “Don’t be afraid of wearing a bright lip and foundation on the skin,” says Miller. The trick to combining both in one look is in the application. If you’re opting for a bright red lip on a night out, skin should look as flawless as possible, as the crimson shade will pick up on any uncovered redness on the skin. And while we love a matte coral this season, a pencil liner tends to dry out the lips. “Wear a gloss overtop to keep them moisturized,” she adds. Even if you’re going for a minimal eye and face, a bright lip—think fuchsia or tangerine hues—appropriately embodies a forever-young look while brightening up your appearance.

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Anti-aging makeup tricks: Go for eye-catching lids

Even with
a near-flawless complexion, sleepy eyes are a dead giveaway to dehydrated, aging skin. Skin tends to be thinner near the eyes, so when blood pools around the area, it leaves dark and purplish circles underneath. To fully cover these dark areas,
apply a concealer that will blend seamlessly into skin. Anything that comes in a tube will generally have a lighter consistency, but is great for thin and delicate skin. But keep in a mind: “A heavy concealer won’t look right and one that’s too sheer won’t cover,” she explains. A creamier concealer that comes in a pot will likely have a thicker consistency—and if you have to lighten it up, just blend in with a dab of moisturizer.


For a smooth
pop of colour on the eyes, try blending cream eye shadows over lids using your fingers. “The heat from your fingers will melt the product onto your skin,” says Miller. As opposed to a shadow powder, which, dry by nature, won’t bind to eyelids on dehydrated skin.

Anti-aging makeup tricks: Maintain a perfect-looking complexion

The most important thing with
maintaining a youthful glow is to keep up with a daily skin care routine—this includes exfoliating. “If the texture of the skin is smoother, the foundation will look more natural or even better,
may not look like you are wearing foundation at all,” says Miller. Just remember that no matter how much time it takes to apply makeup in the morning, it’s only meant to last three to four hours. “Then it will absorb into skin and will need to be re-applied.”

Keep a compact and blotting tissues handy to gauge when you’re in need of a midday touch-up. When it comes time to remove and start fresh, run a cloth under hot water and dab along the face. Then apply moisturizer immediately after under the eyes and on the nose, Miller advises. And stash an emergency touch-up kit in your desk—complete with foundation, and lipstick
and liner—for easy access. And because time has a funny way of creeping up on us.

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