Wedding makeup may be the most important makeup you will ever wear. Scary thought, but it is true. Those pictures will be around for years and no one wants to look back and wince at the heavily lined eye, too-bold lip or botchy skin. We asked Vanessa Jarman, a Toronto-based makeup artists, for her 10 best tips on the wedding day makeup. Get ready for the prettiest version of you.

1. Prep your skin

“I suggest maintaining your skin with facials starting a month and a half before your big day,” suggests Jarman. “Making sure dead skin is exfoliated and the surface is even will give you that flawless finish.”

2. Get kissable lips

Make sure you lipstick looks perfect and not flakey by taking care of your lips before applying your lipstick and lip gloss. “Moisturize and buff all week long for soft luscious lips,” says Jarman.

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3. Make your makeup last

This is the one day where your makeup must not budge. No matter what (you never know when a photo opportunity will happen). “Lock in your makeup with a setting product once complete,” advises Jarman.

4. Don’t pass on the lashes

Lashes are always a must! You can have a nude eye or smoky eye – and those lashes will define and accentuate the bride’s gorgeous eyes all day and night,” says Jarman.

5. Made up eyes, nude lip

“Play up the eyes and choose a
lighter lip colour,” suggests Jarman. “It will be easier to re-apply quickly as you go through the ceremony and pictures.”

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0-0-0-0-0-wedding-day-makeup-2.jpg6. Daytime brides …

If your wedding is during the day, you definitely need to de-shine (whether that’s with blotting papers of a
touch of powder). “She can even do this step on her groom!” says Jarman.

7. Nighttime brides …

“Nighttime brides can get away with a slightly heavier application of foundation,” says Jarman. “The flash from the photographers’ camera will definitely defuse any harsh lines, and opt for a more intense lash line and play with a brighter lip shade.”

8. Prime, prime, prime and prep!

“Prep the skin and those lips as well, with a
primer,” says Jarman. “Prime as much as possible! Prime under your eye shadow to ensure a long lasting finish to your eye makeup.”

9. Do a test run

“A makeup trial is a critical step beforehand,” says Jarman. “Schedule this in the morning to see how long the application lasts throughout the day,” she adds.

10. Look fresh

“My ideal bridal makeup is anything that makes a bride feel not only comfortable in her own skin but also confident,” says Jarman. “I love fresh clean skin that’s highlighted and has a pop of colour on the cheeks.”


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