Featured Story By : Maria Williams

Life is full of twists and turns, and the career path for some individuals is not always linear and predictable. A few choose an unconventional journey that defies expectations. There have been instances where individuals have broken free from traditional shackles and tried to do something different, which made them stand out from the crowd.

One such individual, whose journey has seen steep curves, from acting to politics to being an attorney, is Kelly Hyman. She has defied all odds and built a career that highlights her passion, her determination and the pursuit of a higher purpose. “Making a drastic change in your career requires a lot of perseverance and patience,” says Hyman.

Transitioning from the glamorous world of acting to politics and law is not a minuscule feat. One needs to have a profound shift in mindset, priorities and educational pursuits. More often than not, a transformation like this is sparked by a catalyst—an event or realization that ignites the desire in a human mind for change.

Hyman’s career in the entertainment industry saw her appearing in commercials and TV shows as an actor. Her immense talent even got her nominated for a film award. However, she was destined to change paths and soon transitioned from the glamorous world of entertainment to the complex and challenging political arena.

Her strong urge to protect the rights of those who have been let down by society led Hyman to make this career shift. Since then, there has been no stopping her; her desire to make a change has led her to pursue a career as a democratic political commentator. By lending her voice to important issues in this role, she has gained a good foothold in the political landscape.

Presently, in addition to being a TV legal analyst, Hyman is also a practising attorney who is actively involved in representing plaintiffs in complex litigation. Her work is dedicated to providing hope and justice to those who may have otherwise felt helpless in the face of adversity. She is also a member of the board of governors of the Women Trial Lawyers Caucus for the American Association for Justice and co-chair of the “Class of Our Own” women’s summit in Nashville, which is an exclusive body of female attorneys whose aim is focused on women’s personal and professional growth.


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