Featured Story By : Tom White

Teperman, who resides in the United States and founded ZTPR, a public relations agency that works alongside Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and high-profile celebrities, will now be a minority owner and join the brand’s already established advisory board of top industry executives like John Cerasani, Bob Sirmans, Max Wellman, Eric Evans and Jeffrey Chernick. And with Seoul Juice’s new Canadian expansion, alongside PFE Distribution and Echo Sales, the beverage joins the ranks of successfully introduced brands like Prime, Poppi and Olipop to the Canadian market; it is already available in natural health stores in Toronto, such as Harvest Wagon and Summer’s Best.

Speaking with us exclusively, Teperman said: “Through ZTPR, I’ve watched Seoul Juice grow so quickly and become such a hit with parents and their kids, athletes and [others] who enjoy a refreshing healthy beverage over the past year that I needed to sink my teeth into the company even more and invest. I’m excited to bring my resources and expertise to this company as we prepare for more market expansions in the near future. However, I do have to admit that my five-year-old daughter is probably the happiest, though, as she is literally obsessed with the juice and can’t get enough! [I’m] originally from Toronto, so it’s nice to see the beverage now available for my family, friends and their children too, since they always ask me to bring them drinks whenever I visit.”

Seoul Juice was created during the recent global pandemic by former college athlete and FoodStory Brands (Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s, Costco and Target) agent Luis Manta, who previously led the development of and launched Eva Longoria’s, Chef John Howie’s and Tasty Buzzfeed’s first food CPG programs. Now leading the way with his very own beverage, Manta has seen Seoul Juice grow in a short period of time to become the top Korean pear juice beverage with just three ingredients. Seoul Juice has found a way to create a juice that is packed with potassium (over 400 milligrams per bottle) and has no added sugar, which challenges the likes of sports drinks that are filled with added flavours, sweeteners, chemicals and citric acid.

Speaking about the new partnership with Teperman, Manta told us: “Seoul Juice is thrilled to welcome Zack as an equity partner in our business. As a brand that originated in a college dorm room, we lacked the marketing budget that many other beverage brands have. However, despite our limited capital, Zack has played a pivotal role in sharing our story and mission with the world. He and ZTPR were instrumental in propelling us from [being in] just a few stores in California to an international brand. We are excited to have Zack on board for our expansion in Toronto, and we believe that health-conscious parents like him will appreciate our product. We eagerly anticipate our upcoming launch in stores throughout the entire country.”

Since its launch, Seoul Juice has not only gone viral online, alongside its cute mascot Nashi, but has taken over the U.S. marketplace, landing in countless stores and grocery chains, which has led to Canadian distributors waiting for Manta and his company to finally get the A-okay to cross the border.

Canadian orders can also be conveniently placed online nationwide here.

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