Featured story by: Rachel Smith

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for quality jewellery that you can actually wear in the water without fear of it tarnishing or fading, I’m sure you know the struggle is real. Enter Pearlory, a jewellery brand making waves with its affordable-yet-quality pieces that redefine the idea of everyday jewellery. I decided to put the brand’s waterproof collection to the test and bought four of  its most popular items. Read on for my thoughts.

Shipping and First Impressions

Shipping was very fast; the pieces were at my doorstep within four days. Kudos for the eco-friendly packaging; I loved that there was hardly any waste—even the shipping bag was biodegradable!

How the Pieces Handled Real-World Conditions

Pearlory’s tarnish-free Braid Hoop Earrings offer a classy twist on timeless style. Plated in 18-karat gold, these hoops have become my ultimate accessory, gracefully transitioning from sun-soaked beach afternoons to sophisticated dinner evenings. They retained their shine even after multiple swimming and sunbathing sessions. This one is a can’t-miss classic.

The Nautical Knot Necklace, another gem from Pearlory’s collection, exudes understated luxury. With a simple and delicate design, this gold-plated necklace is not only sweatproof and waterproof but also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. I wear this piece a lot, and even with my daily showers, it’s still looking great.

A nostalgic nod to bygone eras, Pearlory’s Vintage Pearl Necklace captures the spirit of vintage fashion. I use this as a layering piece with my other necklaces, and it seamlessly blends with my outfits. I wore it through multiple days of a recent vacation, and the gold plating held up admirably against salt water and sunscreen.

I then decided to shake things up with Pearlory’s Emerald Green Ring. Inspired by the charm of the 1920s, this piece allows you to incorporate glamour into your everyday wear. Drawing inspiration from the Roaring Twenties, it not only shines aesthetically but carries profound symbolism with its emerald stone, which signifies unwavering love and truth. Worn through various beach activities, the ring showed no discoloration or wear on the gold-plated band or the emerald.


Quality and Durability

Pearlory delivers waterproof jewellery you can shower, swim and sweat in without worrying about it tarnishing or breaking the bank. Its quality is evident in its use of physical vapour deposition (PVD) real-gold plating, a process that is 10 times stronger than traditional plating. It provides durable coverage and will last longer than regular gold-plated jewellery.

Pearlory also uses sustainable medical-grade stainless steel—never copper or brass—ensuring that its pieces are not only able to stand the test of time but are also hypoallergenic. No more green marks on your skin!

Pearlory’s Colour-Fade Warranty

Overall, each of the four pieces of jewellery stood up to the elements as promised, and you may be pleased to learn that Pearlory backs this with a colour-fade warranty. This one-year colour warranty program applies to all of the brand’s waterproof and tarnish-free jewellery items.

From Apple Watch bands to chain necklaces to intricate bracelets made from puka pearl and more, there are endless options on Pearlory’s online store. Go and take a look for quality jewellery that will last.

The Final Verdict: Worth the Investment

After reviewing Pearlory’s favourite pieces, my take is overwhelmingly positive. I do wish some of the necklaces came in longer lengths, because this would make layering easier. And seeing more variety in silver-toned options would be great, but I appreciate that the brand emerged out of the desire to provide cost-effective options for long-lasting quality jewellery, effectively filling the gap between high-end solid-gold pieces and easily-tarnishing fashion jewellery.


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