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There is significant concern across all generations that the idea of having a lifelong marriage and a happily-ever-after ending is only for fairy tales. Unfortunately, this is for good reason. The statistic that half of all first marriages end in divorce is true, and the odds of this only increase with second and third marriages. What is most interesting—and perhaps most tragic—is that the most common cause of divorce is feeling a lack of commitment and support.

Charlene Beck, a 31-year-old registered nurse who is one class away from completing her master’s degree in nursing education, moonlights as a roller-skating pro and has a beautiful seven-year-old son. However, just six months ago, she was on the verge of becoming another addition to these divorce statistics.

Ever since the birth of her son, Beck struggled with the never-ending cycle of weight gain, diets and weight loss. Every woman can relate to the toll that this takes on one’s self-image and confidence, but mothers are constantly feeling the added pressure to be a role model for moms everywhere—by having the best and brightest child, the most loving and intimate relationship with their partner, a successful career and, of course, the perfect body.

“I was utterly exhausted from feeling stuck in that state of dissatisfaction,” Beck shares. “No diet I tried ever worked long-term, and the unhappiness was affecting every part of my life. I had reached my breaking point and decided to take that crucial first step toward change.”

When Beck first found No Limits Training (NLT), she hesitated to tell her husband. For years, she had been hearing his doubt, skepticism and the phrase “Just eat less and work out more.” This lack of support is what had Beck teetering on the brink of divorce.

Her past failed attempts at dieting also made her wary, but Beck had no idea she was not alone. Shockingly, the average woman spends 17 years and over $10,000 on weight loss, with only 3 percent of women being successful long-term. Ultimately, Beck put her own doubts, fears and uncertainty aside and jumped into the NLT world as one more chance before seeking a divorce lawyer.

NLT is a personalized one-on-one coaching program that focuses on both physical and mental well-being. The goal is for clients to find balance between self-care and every other priority in their lives, which includes taking the occasional break from the “mom role” to put their health and wellness first. Beck was able to kick-start her weight loss in her mid-30s by adopting a simple-to-follow routine that took all the decisions away when it came to “how” and “what” to eat and allowed her to enjoy social events and her favourite foods without feeling guilty.

Today, Beck is the happiest and most confident and empowered version of herself that she’s ever known. Plus, the investment in her self-image has significantly impacted her quality of life, family relationships, marriage and (yes!) sex life. She has been able to transform both physically and mentally so that even little things like wearing a swimsuit have gone from being “a daunting task” to “a total confidence boost.”

“This journey hasn’t just been about weight loss,” Beck says. “I’ve regained control of my life, and I get to spend more energy on the people who mean the most to me instead of criticizing myself and shaming my body.”

NLT’s CEO, O’Neil Luscombe, commented that Beck’s “transformation has been awe-inspiring. It completely reflects her incredible inner and outer self.”

Beck realized that the secret to saving her marriage was making the commitment to herself, her health and her happiness so that it could be projected back onto her family. She now believes that any woman facing a similar decision needs to prioritize her well-being without letting guilt hold her back.

Reflecting on her journey, Beck says: “The physical and mental coaching is invaluable for personal transformation. Every little change matters and is so worth the investment. I can’t recognize the old me at all, and I’m so grateful to NLT for that.”

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