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While many platforms have enabled content creators to establish meaningful connections with their audiences, some are not as promising as they might appear. Fortunately, Triller has come to the rescue as a platform that content creators can use to maximize their earnings from their content.

Triller is a U.S.-based American video-sharing social media network that allows users to easily migrate their other video-sharing accounts through a simple online portal as their ubiquitous competitor. It rose to prominence in 2020 when its China-based competitor TikTok faced increased hostility from Congress and former president Donald Trump, and it became the only app to ever hit number one in 80 countries at the same time. While TikTok focuses on defending its case, Triller has used this opportunity to build a name for itself.

“A lot of people came rushing onto Triller a few years ago when Trump first brought up the idea of a ban on foreign competition. We definitely leaned into that, being a TikTok replacement, but that is not all that we are and that is not how we define ourselves. We are so much more. As we say, we are by the creators for the creators,” says executive chairman and owner Bobby Sarnevesht.

An outstanding video-sharing social network, Triller made headlines for producing blockbuster pay-per-view boxing matches and launching careers for many up-and-coming combat-sports athletes. Beyond its emphasis on sports promotion, content creators have also embraced the company because it allows them to connect with their audience and maximize their revenue.

According to Sarnevesht, the company’s success is because it is the only big tech company not owned by big tech. “Our primary stakeholders are the artists and the influencers themselves,” he says. Triller is rising to become the most prominent creator-owned company ever to exist, attributed mainly to the fact that it is not just for the artists but is made up of the artists themselves. The network has a string of celebrity endorsements spanning social media, music, sports and more.

For social media content creators, gaining a massive following is difficult. It takes tons of hard work and determination. So it is, therefore, frustrating for content makers when they are “shadow banned” from the platforms they worked hard to create. “I hear daily horror stories about hard-working artists who spent the last three years building their following—whether it’s 5,000, 500,000 or 50 million people—only to wake up and find that their platform is blocking them from marketing to their audience if they don’t pay them,” Sarnevesht says.

However, Triller is different. It gives content creators direct ownership of their relationships with their followers and maximizes their revenue. Because of this, its products, like Cliqz, the SMS app for influencers, have an over 70% open rate and a 30% click-through rate. According to Sarnevesht, creators can make 10 times more on Triller than on any other platform. The company’s “secret sauce” lies in its use of AI. Its conversational AI system is commonly called the “ChatGPT for brands.” This technology has enabled over 20 billion conversations with more than a half a billion users.

Furthermore, the team behind this one-of-a-kind social network has launched a custom social media converter for content creators to transfer their video-sharing accounts, including usernames, to Triller. The platform isn’t just a social media app but an entire creator ecosystem. It’s a marketplace that allows influencers to create the best content and share it as broadly as possible across other social media networks while retaining control of their users and maximizing what they can make.


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