When it comes to skincare payoff, is there anything more appealing than an ultra-radiant complexion? It looks healthy, has that covetable brightness and makes a no-makeup makeup look totally attainable. Our collective obsession with all things glowy is well documented on social media: More than 12 million posts are tagged with #glowingskin on Instagram, while TikTok boasts 1.5 billion views of posts tied to the hashtag. The only thing more worship-worthy than skincare that achieves that glow? Products formulated with naturally derived effective ingredients that are as good at warding off external aggressors as they are as they are gentle on the planet.

Enter Ella Baché’s Tomato Glow Cream, a must-have skin saviour that uses plant-fuelled power to produce radiant outcomes. This three-in-one, truly-does-it-all product has a superfood-infused formula—boasting 89 percent natural ingredients—that completely replenishes the skin. First, there’s its namesake component, which just might be growing in your backyard: the tomato. It contains lycopene, a richly coloured carotenoid that miraculously helps protect the skin from oxidative stress brought on by urban pollution. Polyphenols derived from pomegranates act as water-attracting antioxidant compounds that boost brightness in tired, dull skin. Lastly, a trio of polysaccharides (sugars with a high molecular weight) create a shield on the surface of the skin to limit its exposure to pollutants.

But the Tomato Glow Cream is more than a defence against all the environmental impurities our skin encounters. Thanks to its universally flattering rosy hue, it instantly imparts a fresh, natural glow that’s actually noticeable. It can even be incorporated into a makeup regimen—it offers easy-to-blend, buildable coverage for cheeks or eyes and even works as an all-over luminous base in lieu of foundation. (Did we mention it won’t highlight fine lines?) If that lit-from-within radiance is what you’re after, Ella Baché’s latest launch is it—and then some.