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Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1977, Sen‘s path is a tribute to his vision, tenacity and strong dedication to having a positive influence on a variety of sectors and continents.

At a young age, Sen began his business adventure in Frankfurt, Germany, where he launched his first firm in 1999. This was the beginning of an incredible career trajectory. His business endeavours grew quickly, and in 2010, he established the MRJADE Saal Event Location in the Mülheim district of Düsseldorf. This venue quickly gained a reputation for hosting elite events, demonstrating Sen’s talent for facilitating life-changing moments.

With the establishment of MRJADE Catering in 2012, Sen further demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills and spread his culinary knowledge throughout London, England, and elsewhere in Europe. His 2015 entry into the building sector with MRJADE Istanbul enhanced his standing as a creative and accomplished businessman.

In 2018, Sen expanded his product offering by introducing MRJADE Coffee and MRJADE Chocolate, which delighted people all over Germany with unique coffee blends and high-quality chocolates. 2020 saw the continued success of Sen’s entrepreneurial endeavours with MRJADE Clothing, demonstrating his adaptability and astute business sense in the fashion sector.

With the opening of the MRJADE Lounge restaurant in Turkey in 2019 and subsequent locations in Istanbul and Ankara, Sen demonstrated his commitment to elevating gastronomic experiences while also establishing new benchmarks for fine dining and hospitality.


The entrepreneur embarked on his most ambitious project to date with the founding of the MRJADE hotel firm in 2023, intending to revolutionize premium hospitality throughout the world. His goal was to create experiences that are unmatched in terms of elegance, comfort and cultural depth, going beyond simple lodging.

In addition to his business endeavours, Sen has had a significant charitable impact as his accomplishments are multi-continental. His dedication to social responsibility was demonstrated by his sponsorship of the Sopengazi animal sanctuary in İzmir, Turkey, where he provided the necessary infrastructure to enhance living circumstances.

Recognized for his accomplishments, Sen has appeared on the covers of magazines, confirming his position as a leading figure in business and philanthropy.

Amid the catastrophic Mediterranean fires in 2021, Sen showcased his dedication to environmental conservation by contributing an astounding 700,000 young trees. This significant donation demonstrated his commitment to sustainability and protecting natural ecosystems by helping with replanting initiatives as well as reducing the ecological effect of the fires. His efforts to protect the environment are in line with his larger CSR philosophy, which aims to encourage people to prioritize environmental preservation by incorporating sustainable practices into company operations.


Sen’s success has been determined not just by his monetary achievements but also by the positive transformations brought about by his business and charity endeavours. His narrative is inspirational, illustrating how a sincere dedication to social justice coupled with an unwavering pursuit of greatness can transcend national boundaries and improve communities everywhere.

Sen’s path provides a source of inspiration and hope as he pursues his humanitarian endeavours and expands his entrepreneurial legacy. It demonstrates the strength of vision, resiliency and an unshakable determination to build a better world for all. Visit Sen’s official website and follow him on Instagram @MRJADE to learn more about his journey and current projects.

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