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Renowned mindset coach and bestselling author Natasha Graziano walked the runway in style on behalf of acclaimed New York fashion icon Richard Eichhorn, a.k.a. Richie Rich, at this season’s New York Fashion Week.

The semi-annual series took place from Friday, February 10 to Wednesday, February 15 at BKLYN Studios in City Point and marks Rich’s return to the fashion-show scene after a several-year-long hiatus. During the show, Graziano walked the runway sporting neon pink and green Skechers to complement a soft-grey dress that fit her like a glove.

Eclectic, playful and attention-grabbing, Rich’s collection, named Richerette, takes us back to the era that made him into the fashion giant he is today. Bringing ’90s-esque prints, lace overlays, exotic colours and one-of-a-kind pieces to the forefront, the collection is unapologetic and pays homage to Rich’s Club Kid days, when he and dozens of other LGBTQ+ icons ruled the New York City nightlife scene.

Richerette represents everything we love about New York fashion as well as everything we love about Rich and Graziano themselves. Their confidence—shared with the dozens of other models rocking the collection—along with their unrelenting desire to be authentic truly stole the show.

With this ultimate comeback, Rich’s Richerette show reminds us to have fun, live in the moment and not be afraid to be ourselves.

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A little-known fact about Rich is that the nickname “Richie Rich” is actually derived from teasing he received from other children when he was young. Yet he’s taken it and made a proud name for himself—not only as a fashion designer but also as a television personality, figure skater, singer, actor, author and inspiration to many.

Similarly, Graziano is a barrier-breaker and role model who lives life on her own terms. She exudes confidence and turns heads whenever she walks into a room. Funnily enough, walking the runway at New York Fashion Week was an experience Graziano never imagined she’d have. “It was such an honour to walk as a guest at the biggest comeback show of the year,” she wrote on Instagram. “I couldn’t believe that little 5ft 4 Natasha would ever be on a runway.” But it didn’t surprise us!

In her book, Be It Until You Become It, Graziano shares her experience of being a broke single mom and how she turned her life around to be the successful entrepreneur and mindset coach she is today. At one point, she didn’t have anything, but she believed in herself and decided not to settle for anything less than her wildest dreams. As a result, she rose straight to the top and so many amazing opportunities have since come into her life.

Named by Forbes as the number one female motivational speaker under 40, Graziano is a self-made leader who not only changed her own life but has dedicated herself to helping other individuals do the same and become the best version of themselves.

Graziano is the host of the Law of Attraction podcast, which has over 100 million listens to date and featured some of the biggest A-listers across the globe, including Rhonda Byrne, the author of the bestselling novel The Secret; multi-million-dollar record label owner Charlie Rocket; and ’90s rap sensation Ja Rule.

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Covering topics such as manifestation, success and creating abundance in all areas of life, Graziano is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and the creator of the highly successful MBS meditation method. Her teachings have impacted people all over the world, shaping them into confident, successful and inspiring individuals. This is something that Graziano and Rich have in common; they’re both icons, which makes this collaboration all the more special.

Aside from being a renowned mindset coach, Graziano is also quite the fashionista. Regularly adorned in bright blues, pinks and the occasional sequence, she definitely rocks a distinct look that screams confidence.

Prior to walking the runway on the last day of New York Fashion Week, Graziano was seen in attendance alongside Larry Namer (the founder of E!) and Selling Sunset superstars Amanza Smith and Mary Fitzgerald.

Graziano looked stunning on the runway. We’re so excited to see her branching out, taking risks and trying new things, and there’s no better place to do this than at New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world—collectively known as “the Big 4”—along with those in Paris, London and Milan. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) created New York Fashion Week in 1993, and it’s impressive to see how far the event has come and the amazing personalities that have graced its stage.


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