Featured story by : Tom White

For many jewellery lovers, the fear of their precious pieces being damaged when they’re exposed to water is a constant worry. Whether it’s the ocean, a pool or even a shower, the thought of ruining a treasured piece can be stressful. However, Atolea Jewelry is a brand that is easing those concerns with its sustainable and waterproof jewellery inspired by the ocean. Its unique gold-plating process makes its jewellery incredibly durable and 100 percent waterproof.

What sets Atolea Jewelry apart from others in the industry is its commitment to creating affordable 100 percent waterproof jewellery that you will never have to take off. The company offers a lifetime colour warranty on all of its products, virtually unheard of in the jewellery industry. It also has over 100,000 global customers and 200,000 followers on Instagram. This shows just how popular the brand has become.

Atolea’s jewellery is perfect for women who love fashion and enjoy being around water. The waterproof pieces can be worn in the ocean, in the shower or at the gym without the worry of them tarnishing or losing their colour. The upcoming summer season is the perfect time to showcase the brand’s beautiful jewellery, which can be worn all day long every day.

Atolea’s unique gold-plating process makes its jewellery incredibly durable. The gold is layered 10 times thicker than traditional plating and is bonded to the base metal using a PVD process, making it 10 times stronger. This method also ensures that the jewellery will never fade or lose its colour, even when exposed to salt water, chlorine or sweat. Atolea’s pieces are perfect for people who want to wear their jewellery all the time without worrying about ruining it.

In addition to providing unmatched durability, Atolea Jewelry is committed to sustainability. It uses eco-friendly packaging that is plastic-free, and it also offers free worldwide shipping to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has made an eco-conscious choice with its biodegradable packaging, which is crafted from recycled paper. This sustainable approach makes its packaging an ideal option for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Atolea Jewelry’s top-selling pieces include its freshwater-pearl choker, baroque pearl pendant and herringbone choker. The brand’s pieces are not only timeless and elegant but also versatile and suitable for any occasion. So, whether you’re heading out for a casual day at the beach or dressing up for a formal dinner, you can wear them with any outfit.

In the next few years, Atolea Jewelry plans to open pop-up stores in New York and Australia while continuing to build a community of ocean and jewellery lovers. With its unique perspective on jewellery, commitment to sustainability and unbeatable durability, it is a brand to watch in the future.

Atolea Jewelry offers sustainable and waterproof jewellery that perfectly blends fashion and function. Its unique gold-plating process makes its jewellery incredibly durable and ensures that it will never lose its colour. With its lifetime colour warranty, eco-friendly packaging and free worldwide shipping, Atolea Jewelry is the preferred choice for eco-friendly water lovers everywhere.

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