Featured Story By: Nick Kasmik

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of crystals, tarot and other metaphysical tools, which has led to an increased interest in their validity. Supporters of these items argue that they can offer comfort, guidance and even healing. Among the offerings in this realm is Selaluz Candles, which has recently gained attention. The brand’s candles are handcrafted by Daniele Hall and Shannon Munno in the United States with a unique blend of essential oils and healing crystals; some of the newer releases include tarot-card candles, Evil Eye Protection Crystal Candles and Evil Eye Soy Wax Melts. These candles are not only eco-friendly but also visually stunning—Hall considers candle-making her art form, with wax and light serving as her mediums.

According to Hall, it is crucial for everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, to tap into the positive energy of the earth. Consequently, her company strives to be welcoming to all customers, even those who don’t have spiritual inclinations. However, with the rising trend of incorporating spiritual elements into product lines, consumers may find themselves with items they don’t fully comprehend. The smoke and mirrors of tarot cards and crystals could obscure or embellish the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information.

Hall emphasizes the importance of being mindful of the Barnum Effect —the tendency to believe supposedly tailored information about oneself that is actually vague and general enough to apply to many people— and approaching personality tests, fortune-telling and horoscopes with a critical and skeptical mindset. She believes that individuals possess free will and can shape their destiny by focusing on a singular source she refers to as “The Light.”

To engage with customers, Hall harnesses the power of social-media marketing, regularly posting videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These videos provide advice and tips on using her products and offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into the candle-making process. Additionally, the company hosts exclusive candle drops every Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST.

What sets Selaluz Candles apart, according to Hall, is the emphasis the team places on building relationships with customers. She believes that genuinely caring for customers eliminates the need for aggressive sales tactics. This approach aligns with the growing popularity of metaphysical practices among millennials, gen Z and spiritual seekers in general. Research predicts that Americans will be spending over $2.3 billion annually on psychic services, including crystals and tarot readings, by 2024, marking a 52 percent increase compared to 20 years ago. Hall asserts that there is a demand for businesses that uplift consumers.

While personal beliefs may differ, one certainty remains: Whether individuals choose to explore crystals or tarot for entertainment or personal growth, it is essential to recognize that the true power resides within themselves. As Hall says, in today’s world, our inner light needs to shine brighter than ever before.


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